5 Reasons for Choosing Tile Flooring in Your House

Tile Flooring in Glendale

Tile flooring in Glendale is a popular option and there are various reasons for it. Tiles are durable, convenient, and beautiful. They can also last for decades if they have been professionally installed. And the tiles are made by a reliable manufacturer. 

Benefits of Picking Tile Flooring in Glendale 

1. Durability and Resilience 

If you want to install durable flooring anywhere in your house, consider tile flooring. It’s tough and the tiles are difficult to crack. However, the tiles need to be installed properly to ensure they can last for longer than 20 years. Besides proper installation, the tiles must also be maintained properly. 

Even though there’s a possibility that one of the tiles will crack, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace the entire set. Contact a professional tiler and he can easily replace that one tile. It means that you can still keep the overall cost of the flooring down. You won’t be replacing the tiles every year. 

Tile Flooring in Glendale

2. Variety of Options 

Another good reason for choosing tile flooring is that it comes in a variety of options. Tiles can be categorized into four main types.

  • Ceramic. Not all ceramic tiles are cheap but you can find a bargain price that can still add beauty to your home. 
  • Porcelain. It’s a variety of ceramic tiles. You’ll know if it’s porcelain or ceramic by looking at the certification from the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA). According to this report, “porcelain must meet ASTM C373, a higher standard of water absorption than ceramic that is not designated as being “porcelain.” Thus, porcelain is a better candidate for high moisture areas like next to bathtubs and showers.
  • Glass tile. It’s commonly used for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. 
  • Quarry. It’s best for outdoor and indoor floorings, like foyers and hallways. 
  • Natural stone. It’s ideal for kitchens and bathrooms because of its high durability. 

3. Low Maintenance

There’s no special equipment you need to clean the tiles. You just need some water and a mop. However, if you encounter a bigger mess, you may use a common household cleaner. Because of its low maintenance, it’s a popular option for high-traffic areas. It’s an advantage in commercial settings, like grocery stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. 

4. Affordable 

When you choose this type of flooring, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy its style and convenience. However, some tiles are expensive. It depends on the type of tile you choose. But most tiles fit a moderate budget. The savings will only increase when you include its low maintenance cost and longer lifespan. 

5. Better Air Quality 

Tiles have a hard, smooth surface. Thus, they don’t usually harbor dirt, dust, or allergens, unlike other floors might. This is another reason you should choose tiles if you are prone to allergies. 

Ready to Install Your Tile Flooring

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