5 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Flooring

bamboo flooring

To appreciate the beauty and value of wood flooring, you need to understand the rich history behind the importance of this material. Wood flooring is one of the most popular choices and at Amirian Homes, we have a lot to offer. But before that, here are the reasons why you might want to choose bamboo flooring.

Bamboo is more natural and easier to clean

Wood has always been a part of our homes and our lives. When it comes to this flooring material, more choices are now offered more than ever – there is a wood flooring for every taste. To clean wooden floors, it would only take a non-aerosol can with a swivel mop and you can finish the job in less time than it takes to shampoo, vacuum, or scrub other types of flooring or floor covering. Unlike other floor materials, wood doesn’t trap fumes and dust like carpets. It also doesn’t grow molds like grout in tiles. Moreover, you need fewer chemicals for cleaning the floor.

Bamboo is the best choice if you have allergies

Most people spend about 90% of their time indoors so the flooring you choose will impact your health. If you have any allergies, then wooden flooring is the best choice. Wood doesn’t harbor molds or dust mites, and it doesn’t trap fumes or dust. Some studies have proven that dust mites may be the cause of the increasing occurrence of asthma. The American Lung Association recommends wood flooring in bedrooms and main living areas to improve the quality of air. Come to Amirian Homes and visit our Glendale showroom to see what we have to offer.

bamboo flooring

Bamboo is better for your joints too!

Doctors also recommend wood flooring for the betterment of the joints and spine. Wood makes it easier on your feet and legs. Have you noticed that when you stand on tile or stone, you can get tired faster? But when you are on a wooden floor, you feel more comfortable.

Bamboo is a smart, low-maintenance investment

Homes with wooden flooring increase their resale value because there isn’t much depreciation with wood. These floors offer beauty to a home for a lifetime. Every day, in many parts of the country, people continuously walk on wooden floors as old as our country itself. In the long term, wood costs less while adding value to your home. As long as you follow maintenance procedures, you can refinish wood flooring instead of totally replacing it as you would probably do with other types of floor coverings. This is why we consider wood flooring low-maintenance.

Bamboo is eco-friendly

The production of wood is a lot cleaner than the production of other flooring materials. For instance, concrete requires six times more and four times more bricks. Moreover, wood sends less solid waste into landfills than manufacturing concrete and other materials. Lastly, wood’s cellular structure enables it to trap air, giving it superb insulating properties. If you want to buy bamboo flooring, purchase from high-quality and reputable suppliers. 

Choose your bamboo flooring from us

Now that you know why wood is the best choice for your flooring needs, it’s time to contact us at Amirian Homes. Aside from offering a wide range of bamboo flooring options to choose from, we also offer other luxurious products for all the rooms of your home so go ahead and visit us today.

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