6 Ways to Properly Maintain Kitchen Tiles

kitchen tiles

Your kitchen is the heart of your house. It’s also the place where you spend your time with your family while preparing meals. This part of your house can easily get messy. Thus, keeping your kitchen tile clean can ensure that it always feels brighter and more welcoming. 

What to Do to Maintain Your Kitchen Tile

1. Vacuum 

The easiest way to clean your kitchen tiles is to vacuum them. If don’t have a vacuum, though, you can grab a fluffy dust mop to remove dirt. You should do it regularly so that dirt won’t embed in your tile and grout. It’s not a good idea to use a straw broom as it will only scratch the tiles. 

2. Mop It 

Once a week, make sure to mop your floor. Use warm water when you do so. To bring back the shine and gloss of the tiles, use a mild soap. However, before you use a cleaning solution, check the manufacturer of the tiles about its recommendations on the cleansing to use. Some solutions are not appropriate for certain tiles as they can only damage them. After mopping, though, make sure to dry the floor. This will stop accidents from happening. Drying the floor will also prevent new dirt from getting into the wet area. 

3. Wipe Spills Right Away 

Don’t allow them to be sitting on the floor for so long. It will be difficult to clean. Stains can also build up on your tile if you don’t clean up the spills right away. If there are dirtier spills, you may use a cleanser. You may drop raw meat or egg spills can happen on your kitchen tiles. They can easily harbor bacteria and they can set into your tiles. Mop the area with water. You may use cleaning agents but make sure that they are recommended by your tile manufacturer. 

4. Install Doormats

They can stop mud or water from getting indoors during severe weather. Install a bath mat to keep the tiles dry. You should also add area rugs in parts that get high foot traffic. They can prevent scratches and dirt build-up in those areas. 

5. Deep Clean the Tiles 

Every so often, consider deep cleaning your tiles. It removes stains and greasy respite. Deep cleaning won’t damage your tiles as long as you use safe cleaning agents. Vinegar and warm water may do. Or you may use rubbing alcohol for this purpose. But make sure that the cleaning agents are recommended by the manufacturer of your tiles. 


kitchen tiles

6. Clean the Grout 

Often, grout is ignored during cleaning time. But this part of the floor also gets dirty. Cleaning it is simple, There’s no need to use special cleaners. Simply make a paste mixture by mixing baking soda and water. Spread it onto the grout. You may allow it to sit there overnight and rinse it with warm water the following day. 

Your kitchen tile floors will hold up for decades if you follow these cleaning tips regularly. And if it’s time for you to replace your tiles, visit our showroom to find some designs or you may call us here: (818) 862-3122


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