Bathroom Tile Store’s Three Different Approaches to Bathroom Decorating

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Sometimes it might seem like there’s only one way to approach bathroom decorating. You have no idea how many people come to our bathroom tile store in Glendale and are surprised by the many options available. That’s right, there’s no reason for your bathroom to be relegated to a nondescript beige palette. There are so many possibilities that it’s hard to categorize them. However, we’ve curated a brief breakdown of a few common approaches to bathroom decorating.

An Emphasis on Whiteness

This is perhaps the most common approach to bathroom decorating. Most bathrooms, for a variety of reasons, tend to rely on a very simple color palette and that is, well, no color at all. There tends to be a tendency towards white surfaces, which makes a lot of sense if you really think about it. Stainless steel and white ceramic are indicators of cleanliness and neatness. Bathrooms need to be clean, after all, which is why it’s so important to implement surfaces that get visibly dirty. This makes it easier to clean them when necessary. However, beyond mere practicality, white palettes are very peaceful, creating pleasant environments for you to start and bring an end to each day. 

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Earthy Tones

Not everyone sees their bathrooms as these stainless spaces designed to look ethereal. Some see it as a room where they can feel more in touch with the elements. It’s where we shower and bathe, after all, so why not have the decor reflect that? Earthy tones, such as deep greens, rugged browns, and dark greys can create wonderful spaces. Implementing stone into the room, a very common choice for a lot of bathroom flooring and backsplashes, can further enhance this particular approach. This will create a homier, perhaps more grounded look for your bathroom spaces and enhance its more primal purposes. One look at these bathrooms and you are going to fall in love with this look.

Rustic and Upscale

Fueled by nostalgia for more rustic aesthetics, there has been an increased use of wooden surfaces and rougher tiling in bathrooms. The best way to think of this approach is to evoke images of hotel saunas or ski resorts. In these spaces, you can enjoy a warmer environment that might not feel as cold or clinical as that of white tiles and marble. These uses of color and texture can truly enhance and elevate what would be just another bathroom in your home al the way to becoming a sanctuary for you and your household. The appearance of saunas evokes a sense of self-care and pampering. Why not implement those same aesthetic values in the room where you are meant to do just that?

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