Are Kitchen Cabinets with a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink a Good Idea?

kitchen cabinets

Having customized kitchen cabinets can offer a lot of advantages. But whatever design you choose can play a role in determining the style, design, and quality of your cooking area. When choosing the design for these cabinets, you may visit our showroom to find some inspiration. 

Kitchen Cabinets with Stainless Steel Sinks

One of the options for your cabinets is to have stainless steel sink installed. You might think that this style is going out of style. But you’re wrong. They are a typical design that is always in style. However, if you choose to pass on stainless steel, opt for innovative options that can have more color to your overall kitchen. 

Alternatives to Stainless Steel 

One of the alternatives is having a farmhouse sink. It’s a versatile sink that can easily work with traditional and modern designs. The big basins can accommodate any size of dishes from your busy kitchen. You may think that the farmhouse sink is only available in white porcelain but it actually is not. You can opt to have stainless steel with a farmhouse sink design. 

Enhance the Function of Your Kitchen with a Workstation Sink 

This kind of sink uses stainless steel. It enhances the function of your kitchen and makes it beneficial in smaller spaces. You can include slide-over cutting boards or colander inserts. Then, make sure to have racks that will keep food items off the surface of the sink. Having this design makes it easier to preserve the look of porcelain. 

Granite Sinks 

Another alternative to stainless steel is to use granite. This material isn’t entirely granite. Rather, it includes flecks and crystals from other natural stones. Because of how it is made, you can have a non-porous sink. Plus, granite is available in different shades and finishes, including natural stone. 

Seamless Sink 

Traditional kitchen designs have more textures. But if you’re a modernist, you might consider seamless kitchen design. Seamless sink integration is another great option. Keep in mind that countertop and sink joints are the best places where moisture and mold can collect. Thus, the integrated solid surface sink concept can be a great idea. 

What Color to Choose for the Cabinets? 

Now that you have options for what the sink will look like, it’s time for you to choose what color to pick for your cabinets. You might be a fan of black. Dark colors can make your space smaller. But it’s not always the case. It still hinges on the light in the room. 

kitchen cabinets

What Other Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinets? 

Ideas for kitchen cabinets are aplenty. If you are not sure how a design fits your existing kitchen, opt to talk to our designers at Amirian Home by visiting our showrooms. We also showcase black kitchen islands so you can determine whether or not they fit your cooking area. 

Visit our showroom today to find various designs for kitchen cabinets. Or call us here to talk to our designer (818) 862-3122


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