Driveway Pavers and Tiles: Glendale Local Tile Showroom Advice on What to Use

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Traditionally, most driveways are made using concrete or asphalt because the material can last between 20 and 40 years if well maintained. Recently, driveway pavers and tiles have gained popularity and many new homeowners are using them. 

Pavers offer a variety of colors, beauty, and designs. They are easy to install and the spaces between allow water to soak through into the ground. When well installed, pavers and tiles give your driveway a very beautiful look. 

Brick pavers

Bricks are considered eco-friendly because they are made of kiln-baked clay. The row material is mostly locally sourced which reduces damage to the environment. The bricks are permeable and allow water to drain into the ground than flowing into the streets causing damage. 

To get quality bricks, do a simple online search for a title company near me. Because clay bricks are highly fragile, sometimes the clay is mixed with cement to make it stronger. They are easy to lay down and arrange in beautiful patterns giving your driveway a spectacular look. 

Flamed granite tiles

Flamed granite tiles make your driveway look expensive and natural. Using high heat, granite is cured until it produces a rough texture fit for driving vehicles along. The material is hard and tough which makes it last longer than most concrete paving material. 

It’s important to note that granite is costly than most materials and you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. They also require regular maintenance to keep it clean and beautiful. To seal off the granite pores which might open because of heating, finish using a penetrating sealer. 

Natural sandstone pavers

Sandstone is very hard and can bear the load of heavy vehicles. The stone will barely wear out and can last for many years. If well installed, it looks very beautiful on the pavement. Sandstone gets stained easily by chemicals, oil, or grease. During installation, ensure its well-sealed. 

Interlocking pavers

a title company near meInterlocking pavers are made to interlock each other so that you will not require mortar to fix them. They are easy to install because all that you need to do is check the sides that lock with each other. If you need to lay underground pipework, you just need to remove them and then fix them again once your pipework is complete. 

Some interlocking pavers are made using recycled rubber which makes them long-lasting and slip-resistant. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures and can be available from any flooring company. The pavers are reasonably affordable and are eco-friendly because they are made using recycled material. 

Talk to a driveway pavers and tiles specialist 

There are many more choices for pavers and tiles for the driveway. They come in a choice of many colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and thicknesses. Your choice depends on your budget, driveway length, and quality. You can get detailed information on the best tiles and pavers for your driveway by calling us on this number (818) 862-3122. 

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