Fabulous Outdoor Tile Ideas by Glendale Tile Experts

outdoor tiles

The outdoors is an extension of the interior space, and as you buy tiles for home installation, include this as well. Incorporating tiles in the design of patios, pools, and terraces is a fabulous way to bring beauty into the outdoor living space. Glendale Tile Company experts have extensive experience working with tiles and here they share great ideas for transforming your patio or poolside with high-quality tiles in multiple designs and materials. 

Glendale outdoor tiles options

Glendale tile experts recommend a visit to the showroom to touch, feel, and behold the designs to visualize the final look when installed. To recreate the authenticity and natural feel of a garden pathway, select natural stone tiles or porcelain with stone accents. Ceramic tiles with wood grain motifs are especially attractive on pool decks, and garden paths beside the ability to resist heat and frost degradation in seasons. Natural stone tiles are excellent on external walls and patio floors for their warmth and non-slip qualities.

Transforming your patio with tiles

A patio can be a great extension of the interior living space, especially during the warm seasons. While considering tile selections for a new home installation, choose a design that can flow from the living room and out onto the patio, seamlessly creating a double living space. Porcelain with multiple hues and textures makes a fabulous, inexpensive, and low maintenance option, while stone or wood tiles have the added advantage of warmth to the floor. 

outdoor tiles

Tiling your outdoor kitchen

Add a little charm and beauty to your outdoor living with a choice of tiles with great colors and designs that blend with the surroundings. Tiles with a red brick motif can do very well for the grill, fire pit, and the outdoor kitchen, whereas the bar can borrow from the interior theme for consistency. Check online for a tile expert near you to get a credible professional that can install the tiles for you besides offering technical advice on quality.

Tiles for the pool area

Pools require different tiles for safety and installation standards due to their slippery nature. Choose stylish and non-slip tiles for steps, stairs, and areas around the edge of the swimming pool that is in contact with water or moisture. You can dress other pool areas that include the decks, fountains if any, borders and water lines with beautiful tiles in natural stone or porcelain. Go for strong and versatile stone or ceramic tiles suitable for the harsh outdoor conditions.

Dazzling outdoor mosaics

Dazzling is the word because mosaics bring a dash of sparkle to tiling, be it wall or on floor. Mosaics come in a range of dazzling colors, finishes, and sizes that allow for customization on site in line with a preferred pattern. You can choose from real pebbles, glass, porcelain, or stone from Glendale stores to add glamor to your home. Search online for a tile store in your area or call Glendale Tile Company on (818) 862-3122 for assistance.

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