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sustainable types of tiles

Going green is one of the most notable trends emerging now and for good reason. Because of the amazing benefits it offers, there has been a gradual increase in the interest in green and sustainable homes.

No other type of building compares with these benefits. Sustainable homes are energy-efficient, environment-friendly, healthy, clean, and often stunning. If you decide to opt for a sustainable home, going to the best tile company is highly recommended, especially if you plan to use tiles in your home.


Energy efficiency

The trend is to go back to nature. People focus more on green, renewable energy and you will see this concept in many contemporary architectural designs. More architects now search for ways to create sustainable homes and buildings that will operate on either hydro, wind, or solar energy instead of the more “traditional” energy sources.

Aside from producing renewable energy, the designs of homes these days have energy-efficiency in mind. Even if you plan to buy tiles in Glendale, you will learn all about these sustainable homes and materials. All of these will help you save more in terms of energy and costs.


The orientation of the house

One of the main factors that you must consider when designing a sustainable house is orientation. This will determine the amount of sunlight that will enter your home through the windows to heat it. The orientation of your home should be such that it allows the sun to hit it through the windows.

This will heat the interior of your home using natural sunlight. Also, planting trees with many foliages on the south part of your house ensures that it will get shaded to some degree during the warm months of summer. This way, you won’t have to worry about the sun heating your home excessively, which might increase your cooling bill.


Environmentally-safe materials

Without knowing it, most people live in homes built using materials filled with toxic chemicals. For instance, there is formaldehyde in plywood, particleboard, and products made of pressed-wood.

Solvents that release harmful VOCs are in stains, paints, adhesives, and preservatives. Building or remodeling with the help of a reputable flooring company allows you to use non-toxic materials. This reduces or eliminates these dangerous materials to make your home safer. Some examples of materials to use in building a healthier home include non-toxic wood, natural carpeting, natural insulation, and VOC-free paints.


Sustainable tiles for sustainable homes

The composition of products to use in your home is especially important because they will affect your health. Search for a tile company near me and find the most sustainable types of tiles like ceramics, porcelain, terracotta, stone, and metal. Use these in your home to maintain sustainability.


We offer sustainable tiles

Sustainable home design is a trend today. But this will be the norm tomorrow because this movement is constantly growing and getting greener each day. This should come as no surprise because the benefits of building green extend beyond the walls of homes and into our environment. We at Glendale Tile Company have joined the green movement. If you want to build your dream sustainable home, we’re more than willing to help you. Call them today at (818) 862-3122.

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