Glendale Local Tile Company on What Makes Tiles a Better Floor Option Than Using Stone

glendale local tile company

Stone is made from natural material which makes it a costlier choice for your flooring needs. It is naturally porous and absorbs liquids more easily than any other flooring material. Flooring experts use sealants to make stone water-resistant and easier to clean.


Tile is a widely preferred flooring material that comes in a choice of many shapes and shades. They are water-resistant and easy to install, clean, and maintain. Compared to stone, most homeowners prefer tiles because they are cost-effective and have many advantages.


Choice of colors


Tiles are not mined but are baked in kilns and then fashioned into various shapes and colors. During the manufacturing process, tiles are finished with a large choice of colors. It is even possible to visit a Glendale local tile company showroom near me and order customized colors to meet your flooring needs.


Stone on the other hand is natural and is mined in quarries around the world. Although stone is processed to make it look shiny and beautiful, natural colors are limited and you cannot get any color you want. When you go to buy stones, you will have a limited choice of colors.


Ease of cleaning


Tiles are shiny, hardy, and do not absorb liquids or get stained easily. When it comes to cleaning, tiles from the best Glendale local tile company will be easy to clean using ordinary cleaning agents. Using a wet mop or rug, you can clean all spilled liquid and food particles easily within a short time.


Stone is formed through a weathering process that takes several hundreds of years to complete. It is exposed to natural heat and pressure until it fully hardens. Natural weathering makes stone porous and hard to clean because debris and liquid are absorbed through the tiny holes. Natural stones require proper sealing upon installation.


Cost difference


The material used to manufacture tiles is cheaper and the process is not expensive. Tiles can be produced in large quantities from the factory within a short period. Cheap material cost and large production help lower the cost of production for tiles and hence lower retail cost. Generally, tiles are reasonably affordable.


In the mining quarry, the stone is hewed out and then packaged ready to be transported by air, water, road, or rail. At the tile company near me, the stone goes through another process in the factory to add value and create beautiful stone tiles. The end product is usually more expensive compared to tile.


Shapes and installation


Tile is available in many shapes that easily lock into each other in the installation process. A homeowner can easily install tiles on DIY and will require minimal expertise. They don’t require sealants which makes its cost of installation very affordable. Stone doesn’t have many choices of different shapes and its installation process is more complicated. It requires sealant and an installation expert.


glendale local tile company


Order your tiles and choose from a variety of colors


We sell all varieties of tiles and you will have a wide variety of colors and shapes to choose from. Tiles are easy to install and maintain because they are water and stain-resistant. Our prices are pocket-friendly because we love to see you save money on your home flooring. Your order from our showroom is just a call away. For more information, call us at (818) 862-3122.

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