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A balcony is a great place for relaxation whenever you want to feel some outdoor breeze. Although it is a useful exterior part of the house, many homeowners do not give it the much-needed attention in terms of beauty.

 It is subject to changes in weather and climate. The balcony is also subject to rainwater. Tiles can change the face of a balcony from ugly to beautiful. However, balcony tiles should be water-resistant, allow drainage, and dry quickly. They must also withstand extreme weather like too much cold or heat.

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 Balconies are prone to rainwater that can stagnate and create a perfect condition for mold formation. Water can also mix with tile adhesive and become acidic which can corrode your floor easily. The balcony should be slightly sloped away from your home interior to allow water to drain away instead of into the house. Balconies are prone to changes in heat. Extreme heat and cold can negatively affect your tiles.

 The base structure should also be able to support the flooring tiles including the tile adhesives. A balcony whose floor surface structure is not strong will lead to uneven flooring. The tiles will not hold for long.

Weather and Material

 Extreme weather causes extreme contraction and expansion of the tiles. Continuous weathering effect can lead to cracking of balcony tiles within a year or two. The best balcony tiles should be lockable to allow ample room for expansion and contraction.

 Your house interior is not prone to harsh UV rays from the sun. They do not get hit by rainwater, winter colds, and summer heat. Balcony tiles ought to be tougher, stronger, and more durable. Most flooring experts might recommend homeowners looking value for money to buy tiles in Glendale.


 Quality flooring tiles should also be highly breathable. They should allow free circulation of air and allow water to evaporate easily so that the bottom side remains dry. A major risk paused by non-breathable balcony tiles is the formation of mold which can lead to health complications. When the tiles are breathable, your balcony floor will not produce a bad odor or attract the growth of fungus. Most balcony tiles are perforated for breathability.

 Tile grip and durability

 Tiles can become slippery when wet. The risk is greater during the rainy season. A slippery balcony floor pauses a greater danger of falling. You can sustain serious injuries or broken bones. When it’s wet, the tile should not be slippery proving safety whether you are barefoot or in sneakers.

 Durability can be determined by quality. You don’t want balcony tiles that will last for two years and demand remodeling. Balcony tiles should last at least seven years and above to provide value for money.

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Your house balcony is an important space that adds beauty to the house. It is also important when you want to relax outdoors and have a shade over your head. You must choose wisely your balcony flooring tiles and consider all the good properties like durability, breathability, and drainage. Before you buy your balcony flooring tiles, seek advice from experts. For more information on balcony flooring, call Glendale Tile Company on (818) 862-3122.


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