Glendale Tile Company: Designing Your House to Fight the Hot Temperature Outside

glendale tile company

There are many architectural towers with passive cooling systems and natural ventilation where households can borrow from. Some households use air conditioning to beat the hot weather but they end up paying the price in the end.

Getting the home design right can eliminate the need for artificial cooling and minimize the home running costs. One of the most effective ways of fighting temperatures from outside is by designing your house appropriately. Here are some of the ways of doing so.


Window treatments

Internal window blinds may not be sufficient for cooling your house. The sun can easily hit the curtain or blind, heat the windows, and ultimately the whole room. External solutions like shutters, louvers, and awnings are great because even if they become hot, it is difficult for the heat to be transferred into the house.

Because they are easy to adjust, you can use them even during the mid-winter. Window treatments can minimize the loss of energy, cooling bills, and make your home more comfortable.



Cooling a house after construction can be challenging and make cooling and heating bills high. When building or renovating, consider how the sun’s angles can hit your home.

You need to understand the sun’s angles and the time of the year when the hot sun can hit your home. It is much easier to avoid the mid-summer’s northern sun. However, you need to be more thoughtful about the western sun because it can penetrate the glass line when the temperatures are very high.


Cross ventilation

Opening a window on a side of a building may require an equivalent window size on the other side. By so doing, you will ensure the free flow of air and a cooling effect as a result. Having different sizes of windows on two sides of a building is not energy effective and does not guarantee proper cooling of the room.

When renovating or building a house, plan window sizes and placements to create a path through which air can flow. According to the best tile company, cross ventilation is suitable for narrow buildings and should be aligned with the design of tiles for better efficiency.


Stack effect

The stack effect occurs when air at high temperature rises through a structure and is pushed through the roof, absorbing the air at lower temperature from the house’s bottom. The hot air finds its way through the sub-floor area and the floorboards into the space that needs to be cooled.

The stacking effect takes a cyclical approach where cool air is replaced by hot air. You can consult a flooring company to create the stacking effect and ensure that the cooling effect is manifested on windows and the floors.


glendale tile company


Help is available

The cooling effect of a home should be manifested through the entire system including the floor. Contact Glendale Tile Company, the best partner for all your tiling needs on the number (818) 862-3122. With the help of our experts, you will have all your tiling needs met cost effectively and efficiently. Buy tiles in Glendale and you will no longer have to worry about your house becoming extremely hot during the summer season.

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