Glendale Tile Experts on Anti-slip Measures for Seniors

flooring company in Glendale

When younger people slip and fall, it is usually not much of a big unless a significant injury has been incurred. Senior citizens should take extra precautions because if they slip and fall, the damage might be potentially irreparable. Therefore, it is important to pay extra attention when flooring a house for seniors or elderly home. The key is exploring anti-slip measures that will not negatively impact the overall appeal of the house. Here are some of the best solutions you can use to accomplish this task:

flooring company in Glendale

Anti-slip coating

A common solution that can be found from your best flooring company in Glendale is anti-slip coating. The anti-slip coating can be used on any hard floor surface and does not impact the existing flooring’s visual appeal. The only change this coating makes is creating a texture that prevents slipping and falling. It can be used all across the house for extra precautions.


Textured tiles

If you do not like the idea of bringing in a different solution to prevent slip hazards for seniors, there is an option to buy tiles in Glendale with a texture. There are a lot of textured tiles that do not cause slip hazards. You do not have to get tiles that are not easy to clean, but instead, tiles with a texture powder-coated material can be enough.


Anti-slip vinyl flooring

Another solution you have that does not require extra chemicals or materials is anti-slip vinyl flooring. You can search for a tile company near me, and there are many vinyl flooring options to choose from. These options have different designs that can work best for the different rooms of your house.


Using anti-slip tape

If you would like to make only a portion of the floor anti-slip, using anti-slip tape is the best option. This tape can be used on areas where a slip is more high-risk than others. For example, you can use this tape on ramps or other areas you’ve deemed as high risk. The tape comes in different colors and designs. Therefore it can also contribute to the visual appeal of your house.


Stairway nosings

Stairways are an extremely high-risk zone for slipping and falling. The worse part is the injury that might be incurred from falling from the stairs down. To avoid this, you can use stairway nosings to make the edges more slip-resistant. If the nosings contrast the stairs, it can also serve as a staircase warning for those that might not have recognized. 


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