Glendale Tile Experts: Signs It’s Time to Change Your Wooden Flooring

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Wooden flooring is a good option for areas that experience low temperatures most parts of the year and it gives your house a classic look. However, wood is prone to many challenges and might require changing sooner than most flooring materials. Mites can easily destroy wood and water will accelerate their rotting rate. Wood scratches easily and when it is stained, it can be challenging to remove the stains. Many warning signs will help you know it’s time you changed your wooden flooring to tiles, which is a better flooring option.

best tile company

Excessive damage by water

Water can settle under your wood flooring and after a long time, the water can build acidity which begins to corrode the wood from underneath. It might take a long time before you notice the effect. If you hear the wood buckling as you walk and notice excessive peeling, this is a warning sign that it’s time to change your wooden flooring. You may choose to install ceramic tiles which are more resistant to water and lasts longer compared to wood. Visit your best tile company and choose the best shapes and colors of your choice of ceramic tiles.

 Discoloration of wood 

Wood discoloration can happen due to exposure to heat and moisture for many years making the wood oxidize. When you notice the color of your wooden flooring is changing fast from good to worse, prepare to remove the wood and replace it with tile. Marble tiles from a tile company near me will add value and elegance to your floor and its durability makes it a perfect choice for your home floor. You will get your marble tiles in almost every color you desire and it’s available in several finishes.

 Excessive wear and tear

Excessive wear and tear of your floor will show signs in several ways. First, you will notice your floor is having too many scratches which result from pressure from movement, moving furniture, pets, playing with toys and so on. The scratches will tend to be too large. 

Prolonged wear and tear will also lead to staining and chipping and you might notice the gaps are widening as time goes by. If you don’t remove the wood, it will eventually become loose and the situation will be very uncomfortable. Make arrangements and buy tiles in Glendale because you will get several choices like porcelain tiles which are highly sturdy and damage-resistant.

 Moving and creaking wood

When the adhesive used in your wooden flooring becomes weak, the entire floor becomes weak and the wood begins to move and creek as you walk on the floor. Arrange to change the wood and replace it with tiles like onyx, concrete, or mosaic.

 Seek help for a solution to your worn-out wooden flooring

 Wooden flooring is generally strong and can last for long without any signs of problems. Changing weather patterns, prolonged usage, and water can damage your wooden flooring fast leaving you with no option but to replace it. Tiles are a better option for a change because they are resistant to most weather challenges. If your wooden flooring is damaged and needs replacement, call us for suggestions and options for tiles on telephone number (818) 862-3122.

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