Glendale Tile Showroom Experts List the Wooden Flooring Cleaning Tips

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Most wooden floors that are at least ten years are finished with polyurethane while the older ones are finished with wax. Each has its challenges and best method of cleaning but as homeowners, you should try and clean the floor as often as possible. 

 You should be careful with your choice of cleaner because wooden floors are prone to scratching and can easily lose the finish. It’s not hard to obtain a well-cleaned wooden floor, especially if you plan well. Avoid dirty shoes and use rags around areas prone to water like the balcony. 


Do dust mopping 

Dust mopping is used to remove loose dirt, food particles, and other debris from the floor surface. Dusting should be done frequently and, if possible, daily. To avoid scratching the floor, use a soft-bristled broom wide enough to get the work done fast. When cleaning, follow the direction of the grains and remember the room corners might need more concentration. 



Vacuuming will help suck the dust hidden between the wood joints and remove stubborn food debris. Avoid brush rolls because they will damage your floor finish. Go for soft brushes or go for a robot vacuum cleaner. Just the same way you might take your time to search for a tile showroom near me, take time to choose a robot that will do the work for at least an hour before demanding a recharge.


Use a damp mop

Some debris will not come out even with a vacuum cleaner. Use a damp mop to clean them and give your floor a clean look. Choose a mop with a microfiber pad or string and completely wring it out to avoid leaving water between the joints. Wood is never friendly with water and can easily attract mold or begin to rot from beneath. When cleaning, follow the grain and spray the right amount of cleaning solution. To rinse the floor, use a different soft cloth.


Remove stains

 You might notice that even the best wood supplied by the best title company will be prone to staining. Stains can be from soft drinks, blood, gum, fruits, and so on. After cleaning, check for any stains and remove them using a stain remover. 

 Different stains require unique stain removing agents but most of them can be removed using ordinary removers. However, you should be careful because some removers have a bleaching effect that can discolor your wooden floor. For stubborn stains, soak the remover in a soft rug and leave it on the stain for about twenty minutes and then clean. 


best tile companyGet more information about wooden floors

 Wooden floors are long-lasting and give your house the most luxurious look and beauty. You should put every effort to give your wooden floor good maintenance which includes regular cleaning and polishing. 

 Choose your cleaning brushes and rugs wisely to avoid scratching the floor or destroying the finish. Always keep water away from your wooden floor. If you need more information about wooden floors, call us on telephone (818) 862-3122.

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