Glendale Tile Showroom Experts Tips on Removing Hard Stains from the Floor Tiles

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Tiles are ideal for high-traffic rooms like the kitchen, toilet, and laundry areas due to their longevity. Although most tiles do not stain easily, some items like paint, chewing gum, blood, and soft drinks can cause irreversible stains. You can use several techniques to extract stains from tiles. They range from hydrogen peroxide, detergents, and club soda. Some stains get easily removed using ordinary removers but others require specific removers. It’s always advisable to test the effectiveness of the remover because some can react with your floor negatively.

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Use household cleaners

Hydrogen peroxide is the main cleaning agent found in most common household cleaners. It is a very strong stain remover even in its most dilute state. A small amount of hydrogen peroxide soaked in a rag will remove the stain easily. It is important for removing stains from coffee, tea, nail polish, and blood. Because of its bleaching effect, first, clean the surface to remove all dirt. When the stain is resistant, soak the peroxide in a rag and let it remain on the stain for at least twenty minutes. Remove the rag and clean the stain thoroughly until it comes out.

Using steam

Steam helps remove stains that are embedded in between tile joint spaces. Detergents can also form residue between the joints leading to the growth of bacteria. You can buy a steam cleaner designed for home use.You start by cleaning the area with water, a rug, and soap. After the floor is clean, use your steam cleaner to remove stains in between tile joints. Follow the manufacturer’s manuals on the stain removers to use.  You might get some more ideas if you browse for a tile showroom near me.

Muric acid

Muric acid is a common floor stain remover that has been in use for many years. It has a corroding effect against tiles, gloves and can affect your eyes and skin. For safety precautions, always mix using the correct amounts. Acid-water dilution quantities should be in the ratio of 1:5.Before cleaning, open all windows and ensure ample air circulation. After you clean the surface, cleanse it with clean water. Dispose of any unused acid properly in the drainage.


Vinegar removes stains perfectly and is used with hot water. Clean the stain with hot water to get rid of any dust. Mix some amount of vinegar with water in the ratio of 1:1. Spray around the stained surface and leave it for five minutes.Using a brush, scrub the stain and then rinse with clean water. Vinegar removes most stains easily but it might not prove effective on tougher stains.  Remember to use a soft brush like toothbrush to avoid leaving scratches on your floor.

Tile solutions from Glendale Tile Company

Stains can be irritating especially when they are in high traffic spaces on the house floor. Dead stains are harder to remove but fresh stains will respond well to most ordinary household cleaning agents. Good quality tiles can have better stain resistance capabilities. If you are looking for quality, stain-resistant flooring tiles, contact Glendale Tile Company. If you need more information about the best quality stain-resistant tiles, kindly contact us on telephone number (818) 862-3122. 


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