Glendale Tiling Experts on How to Clean Granite Stone and Make It Look Almost New

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Granite is one of the materials that leads in the list of materials used for flooring, kitchen tops, and backsplashes. The stone has a shiny texture that fades away when it’s not properly cleaned.

Granite retains most of its original qualities like resistance to heat, bacteria, water, and scratches. It is one of the easiest to clean stones and simple cleaning agents in your home will help give the stone its shiny look back.

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Wipeout all food particles and water 

Granite from the tile showroom near me is water and bacteria resistant and this makes it very easy to clean and maintain. Dust and food particles can fall on the granite flooring or kitchen top making it look untidy. 

If your notice the granite is gathering dust fast on your kitchen top, get a wet cloth and wipe off the dust and food particles and it will look clean. You can also use a rug to clean your granite flooring and give it a shiny look.


Use plain water, soap, and a soft cloth

If you want to improve the shine on your granite kitchen top, soak a soft piece of cloth in water and apply soap mildly. Clean your granite top in circular strokes until you are comfortable that the surface is clean. Cleanse the surface with clean water and let it dry.

Your granite top from the best tile company will retain its beautiful shine for many days.

If you want to clean your granite flooring, use the same method but this time get a soft mop and put water in a bucket and apply soap. Clean your granite floor gently until it’s clean then cleanse using clean water. 


Use alcohol and water 

Alcohol and water will help remove oil and stains on your granite top or flooring. Mix alcohol and water at a ratio of one is to one and fill it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the granite surface and rub the surface using a rag or cloth. The solution will help eliminate germs and give the granite a very shiny look.


Buy granite cleaner from the store 

Most manufacturers of cleaning agents manufacture cleaning solutions specifically for granite cleaning. They are made from mild ingredients to avoid corroding the granite surface.

Follow the cleaning instructions on the packaging and your granite top or floor will remain very clean. After installing granite from a flooring company, always ensure you clean it using a soft mop or cloth to avoid scratching.


Order your granite tiles and tops

Granite is one of the toughest materials used for kitchen tops and flooring and many homeowners love it because of its shiny look. It’s easy to clean and resists stains, water, and germs making its maintenance very easy. We supply the best granite quality for all your flooring needs. Call us for fast supply and any inquiries on our telephone number (818) 862-3122.

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