Glendale Tiling Experts: Steps in Hardscaping Your Garden with Pavers

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Pavers are a favorite DIY hardscaping material since they are inexpensive and easy to lay down. When installing pavers, it’s critical to accurately measure and prepare the space to ensure that the finished product is both aesthetically beautiful and useful.


Pavers are available in three main types namely clay baked bricks, customized concrete pavers, and natural stone pavers. If you are arranging to hardscape your garden with pavers, the following steps by our Glendale tiling experts will be important to follow.


Measure the area to be paved


Before you rush to buy tiles in Glendale, you need to know the type of pavers you want to use. You might choose to go for natural stone, brick, or concrete pavers. Mark out the area you want to pave with sticks or white chalk.


Use your measuring tape and take the dimensions of the area and calculate the square footage. Using the answer, you get, calculate the number of pavers you will buy depending on the paver dimensions.


Set your slope


Water drainage is critical if you want to increase the lifespan of your pavers. If water fails to drain away, it will settle on the pavers or the underside and begin to corrode them. You must create a way for water to drain smoothly and leave your pavers dry.


To set the gradient, mark the highest and lowest point of your working area. You can mark it using a string and sticks. Once you have established the gradient, mark the direction of the slope. The gradient should not be too steep and make it impossible to climb.


Begin excavation


Your time to visit the best tile company is not yet until you prepare the paving area completely. Clear any vegetation in your paving area and then dig the soil out. Have a tape measure ready to help you measure the depth of your slope. To calculate the depth of your paving area, add the width of the pavers plus an inch of sand and 6 inches of gravel. The total depth should be between 8 to 10 inches.


Lay down the materials


With the gravel ready, sand, and pavers from a tile company near me, get ready to hardscape your garden. Begin with a 6-inch layer of gravel and make sure the depth is even throughout the slope. The next layer will be one inch of sand again spread evenly throughout the paving area. Lay down your pavers and stick to the pattern you choose ensuring there are no bumps or gaps left. You will have a beautiful garden with a gorgeous walkway.


glendale tiling experts


Order high-quality pavers today


The main benefit of hardscaping is beauty that adds value to your garden and the house. Hardscaped areas do not easily get waterlogged and soil does not erode easily. Your choice of garden pavers will depend on your taste and budget. We have different varieties of pavers and we supply them promptly. Our committed pavers experts are waiting to receive your call. Call us now at (818) 862-3122 for more information.

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