How Can Stone Tiles Define the Feeling of a Room?

stone tiles

There are many different types of stone tiles, each of which has different potential uses and decorative possibilities. Each one of these stones will each come with their distinctive look, texture, and feeling. Your choice of floor tile will end up determining the general aesthetic of any room, its light distribution, and its temperature. Here are a few of the different stone tiles available and what they each can contribute to your home.

stone tiles


Slate is the result of years of natural heat and compression transforming sedimentary rock, making it a very durable and resistant stone for use in tiles. It is pretty well known for its rich dark colors and the solemn elegance it brings to just about any space. In fact, seeing the rugged look of the tiles by themselves might immediately evoke images of ancient Egyptian temples or mysterious crypts. Don’t worry, though, they do not look like that when used in a home. Well, unless the room is decorated in such a way, of course. When properly matched with the right color scheme, slate tiles can create very refined spaces. Kitchens and entrance halls are popular choices for slate given how good the material is at withstanding foot traffic, staying clean, and giving a wonderful first impression.


Nothing denotes elegance quite as well as marble. A result of long-term natural compression of fossil remains, marble has been a signifier of grandeur and luxury since time immemorial. Since its frequent use by the ancient Greeks in sculpture and architecture, this stone has always held a special place in the pantheon of stone tiles. Not that it’s delicate, but it is often better to implement marble in areas that don’t see much foot traffic. Bathrooms and private areas of the house tend to look wonderful in marble, particularly given how much it can light up a room. Since bathrooms tend to have smaller windows, marble is a great way for the natural light to bounce around and better light up the space. Similarly, limestone and travertine can provide similar looks to marble with different shades and textures to appeal to specific tastes.


Meanwhile, granite is perfect for areas with high foot traffic. As a result of the cooling and hardening of molten substances, this igneous rock is one of the hardest materials known in the world. It is incredibly durable and resistant to cracks, so it can easily withstand the pressure of continuous exposure to foot traffic. Granite is well known for its interesting textures, unique color patterns, and high-end connotations. The look of granite evokes natural rocks, giving off a very specific feeling that makes it a popular choice for outdoor areas, entrance halls, and kitchens. Since granite colors usually lie on scales of gray, it is easy to match, combine, and complement with the rest of the room. 

Stone Tiles

At Amirian Home, we are determined to match you with the ideal stone tiles for your home. Regardless of the stone of your choosing, we are here to provide you with the right one for you. You can browse our online catalog to find the tile you are looking for or call us at (818) 500-8505 for more information.

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