How Do I Redesign My Kitchen or Bathroom on a Budget?

Kitchen and Bath Showrooms San Fernando Valley

Kitchen and bathroom renovation can cost thousands of dollars. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider visiting kitchen and bath showrooms in San Fernando Valley. They have designers that can help you get more bang for less buck. 

Be Prepared When Going to Kitchen and Bath Showrooms in San Fernando Valley 

Although showrooms are meant to help you become creative by getting some inspiration from the design, it is always a good idea to prepare. By preparation, it means that you must get some photos of your kitchen and bathroom. In that way, the designers who will assist you can properly give advice. The designers can also advise what floor tiles to use based on the areas you have provided. 

Choose Bright White 

Floor tiles are not the only focus when renovating your house. Installing new cabinets can also take a huge part of your budget. If your existing cabinets are not in good shape, consider replacing them. On the other hand, if they are still good, you can keep them but give them a good look. When choosing what color to paint the cabinets, opt for a bright white. This color is perfect for outdated cabinets. You may also want to add new hardware as it can enhance the white effect. 

Make Backsplash Functional 

In a kitchen renovation, adding a backsplash can be a cost driver. However, it does not have to be. Instead of turning the corners, you can simply choose to finish the tile where the walls join together. It will make the tile visually and functionally better. Talk to a designer to help you out with this concept. 

Light Up the Bathroom and Kitchen 

Another smart way to renovate your bathroom and kitchen is to add more lights. This is especially true in the kitchen. When you visit our showroom, you will notice that there are lights everywhere for proper styling. The overhead lighting is bright. We also add more lighting in concentrated areas where the cook is working. You may also want to add under-cabinet lighting. It will not take up a lot of your budget. However, it can make a huge impact on your renovation project. 

Keep the Plumbing

One of the reasons kitchen or bathroom renovation becomes expensive is the plumbing work. When you work with a designer from Amirian Home, you can choose the existing pipe and layout to help you save big bucks. Keep in mind that moving your appliances can cost you around $5,000. 

Kitchen and Bath Showrooms San Fernando Valley

Consult with a Designer 

Working with a designer before starting your kitchen or bathroom renovation is a wise decision. And visiting kitchen and bathroom showrooms in San Fernando Valley will further assist you in your project. You can find various designs and concepts you have not thought would be possible. And if you are shopping for floor tiles, you can get affordable rates at these showrooms. Find out more about them here: (818) 862-3122.

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