How Easy to Keep Ceramic Tile Floor Clean?

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The ceramic tile floor from Amirian Home’s Glendale tile store is easy to keep clean. This type of tile is one of the easiest to clean and maintain. A weekly vacuum will keep the floors in tip-top shape. 

Glendale Tile Store Tips on How to Clean Ceramic Tile

In addition to ceramic tile, porcelain is another type of tile that is easy to maintain. Both tiles require weekly sweeping or vacuuming. However, how often to clean them will depend on the foot traffic in your home. If you want to regularly clean the surfaces, you need to do the following: 


This is the easiest step to remove dust, crumbs, and other debris and prevent them from accumulating on the floor. Sweep your ceramic tile floor every week or each time you see debris. If the ceramic tile is on your countertop, you can just wipe off crumbs with a clean cloth. 

Wipe the Floor with Clean Water 

Water can clean soiled ceramic tile surfaces. There’s no need to add harsh chemicals. Clean water will bring back the beauty of the tile. If you want to use a mop for the flooring, sweep up the debris first. Don’t use a sponge mop. Instead, opt for a flat mop to prevent dirty water from getting into the grout lines. 

Dry the Floor 

After wiping the floor with water, dry it thoroughly. Use a microfiber cloth or opt to air dry it. You may also use a dry flat mop. 

Deep Cleaning the Ceramic Tile Flooring 

Sometimes, sweeping and wiping the floor with water may not be sufficient to get rid of the mess. That’s why a period of deep cleaning may be necessary. It can be done once a month or every other month. It really depends on how dirty the flooring is. 

Deep cleaning requires a cleaning solution. Cleaning and disinfecting ceramic tile flooring require a cleaning solution formulated for tile and grout. This kind of product is typically pH-neutral or slightly alkaline. Avoid using wax-based cleaners because they only leave a residue on the surface that can easily attract dirt. 

After deep cleaning, rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water to get rid of any residue from the cleaner. Leaving remnants from the cleaning solution is not attractive because it will only make the floor look dull. To completely get rid of the residue, rinse the surface thoroughly using clean water. Avoid reusing dirty rinse water. 

Is It Safe to Disinfect Ceramic Tiles? 

Ceramic tile surfaces don’t need harsh cleaning chemicals for cleaning. But occasional use of disinfects will not damage the ceramic tile. What type of disinfectant do you need to use? Check out this page.

After disinfecting your ceramic tile flooring, be sure to rinse away the suds to prevent any residue from forming on the surface. 

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Want a New Set of Tiles

If you think that your existing ceramic tile flooring needs replacement, you may shop for new tiles at our Glendale tile store. Our tile store will give you ideas on how floor tiles look in a certain home design. 

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