How Much Should You Pay for Bathroom Vanity?

Bathroom Vanity

The cost of bathroom vanity can vary. You can expect to pay between $500 and $3,800. The installation cost is not yet included. Per unit, you can expect to spare $200 for installation. A stock bathroom vanity is a lot cheaper. But if you want a customized vanity, then expect to pay higher. 

Should You Choose Custom Bathroom Vanity? 

You can always choose a custom bathroom vanity. This will guarantee that it will fit in your bathroom. But a premade is a better option if you’re on a tight budget. Both options have different pricing. 

Premade Vanity 

You can spend less if you opt for it. This is available between $100 and $2,600. The cost includes the material and other add-ons. But the pricing is for the top. If your premade doesn’t come with a top, you can always buy your favorite material that can cost at least $50. 


It’s more expensive compared to the option mentioned above. You can expect to spend $500 to $2,800. The installation cost may not be included. Furthermore, if you choose this option, you will have to hire a plumber. A plumber charges per hour. 

What Type of Materials to Use? 

Another consideration when it comes to shopping for bathroom vanity is the top material. There are different choices available: 


It’s water-resistant. But also expensive. Per square foot, expect to spend $75 if you want a bathroom vanity with a top made of quartz. 


It’s a popular option and it costs less than quarts. Per square foot will only cost $5. However, if you are opting for the slabs the price can go up. The reason for this is that granite slabs are better in different aspects. 


It’s a mixture of crushed stones and hard resins. The result is a gloss, hard top. It’s also easy to clean. The cost can be found anywhere between $75 and $120 per square foot. 


If you are tight on budget, then this is an ideal option. It has a smooth surface and it will only cost around $53 per square foot. 

Why Bathroom Vanity is Expensive? 

It’s not actually that expensive. The part of the vanity that makes it expensive is the countertop. As mentioned, the top materials will greatly affect the overall cost of the vanity, sans installation cost. Now, if you wish to save money on a bathroom vanity, you should consider the top material to be used. You should opt for a simpler design. A pedestal vanity design can easily be integrated into a small bathroom. It makes the room looks spacious while giving it an airy look. 

Bathroom Vanity

What Bathroom Vanity to Buy? 

If you are still not sure what bathroom vanity to buy, then it might be best to consult our designers at Amirian Home. When you visit our tile showroom in Glendale, you will find different bathroom vanities that come in various countertop materials. Talk to us today so you’ll know how to pick the best option: (818) 862-3122.

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