How to Incorporate Tiles in Modern Home Decor Outside of the Kitchen and Bathroom

Modern Home Decor

When you think about tiles in the home, the mind almost always goes immediately to places like the kitchen and the bathroom. It is true that traditionally, there are the rooms that have been most suited to tiling, but that doesn’t mean that tradition has to stay the same forever! Your house is yours, and that means that you can decorate it in any way that you see fit, and if that means putting tiles in spots that others wouldn’t necessarily think of, then that’s great! You wouldn’t be the first, and you certainly won’t be the last. If you want to experiment with some modern home decor ideas, then check out this list of suggestions for incorporating tiles outside of the kitchen and bathroom.


The entrance to your home is always a place that has to put up with things like messy shoes, dripping clothing from the rain, and other environmental factors, so why not put some appealing tiling on the floor to both make your life easier and add some unusual style to the area? Rather than having to clean a carpet by the front door, tiles make sweeping and mopping easy, and the unusual location can make stepping into your home a really interesting and memorable experience for guests.

Modern Home Decor

Outdoor Patio

You might be more familiar with patios that have concrete paving slabs, but tiles can be very popular in this area of the home too. If you want something that better connects the outdoor to the indoor decor, then a matching tile can be perfect. It’s a subtle but assured way of creating a more fluid look in all the areas of your home.

Statement Wall

We are used to tiles on the bathroom wall, but what about a tiled statement wall somewhere like the living room or the dining room? There are so many different and interesting patterned tiles available right now that are a valid option for a sophisticated indoor statement piece. You can think of it almost as a mosaic or fresco that is being created in your home. You don’t want to go overboard and end up with your dining room looking like a bathroom, but carefully and stylishly placed tiles can be a great thing for adding quirk and character.

Skirting Board

Rather than having traditional wooden skirting boards around the floors or ceilings of a room, some people are instead deciding to use colored or patterned tiles for this purpose. It is a clever way to add some texture to places like hallways that don’t have much character otherwise, and it even adds something of a Mediterranean flare which lots of people aim to achieve in their homes. So, if you like any of those modern home decor ideas and want to get the ball rolling with some high-quality materials, then head over to the Amirian Home & Glendale Tile website for all the inspiration and availability that you could need. We can’t wait to match you up with your ideal tiles and set you off on a brand new decorating adventure!

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