How to Pick the Right Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities serve all sorts of different purposes. On the more obvious side, for example, they provide support for your sink and a sort of personal workstation for you in front of the mirror. On the other hand, they offer you enough storage space for all of your bathroom necessities. The surface gives you the room for everything you are in constant use of, while the interior cabinets can help you keep everything else readily at hand. But, a bathroom vanity is far from a mere practical tool: it is also a key aesthetic component of the room. 

Size vs Storage

When it comes to choosing your bathroom vanity, the first thing you will want to think about is what you’ll be using it for. Do you want a place where you can properly store all of your bathroom needs or are you just looking for, essentially, a shelf to hold up your sink? Either way, you probably want to decide early on in the selection process. Some people want something small that can simply and elegantly hold up your sink and your basic bathroom care items, maybe even a vase with some flowers. Others, however, prefer the vanity to implement roomy cabinets or drawers that can conveniently hold everything you might need while you’re in the bathroom. We have bathroom vanities in different points of the spectrum so that you can find just the right amount of storage.

bathroom vanity

Wall vs Floor Vanity

Not exactly a practical choice as it is an aesthetic one, you will also have your choice between vanities propped up on the wall versus those resting or attached to the floor. This choice, while minor, will depend on the kind of look that you are going for. For example, wall vanities provide you with a very elegant and minimalist look. However, if you know yourself and know that you’d be the kind of person who would just start to store things underneath the vanity and that it is bound to become a mess, maybe you want to go for a different design. In the end, this will depend on your own design sensibilities and use of space.

Texture and Material

Now think of what is the general look that you are going for in your bathroom. Do you want a more rustic aesthetic or will you be more comfortable with a smoother and glossier look? Wood or porcelain? Fiberglass or stone? There are plenty of different textures, surface patterns, and shines that you can choose from in order to better match whatever look you are going for with the room’s general decoration. We want to display that versatility and variety in our catalog, which is why we make sure to provide you with the right selection of washroom vanity options. In the end, the vanity will be the centerpiece of your bathroom, and arguably the fixture you’ll spend most of your time with.

Pick your Bathroom Vanity with Us

Amirian Home has been one of the best-stocked providers of bathroom fixtures in Southern California. Our catalog is complete with all the stylings and patterns to make your bathroom a space that is wholly your own. Allow our team to show you the potential of your bathroom vanity at our showroom in Glendale and discover the room you are looking for. Call (818) 862-3662.

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