How to Style Your Home in Glendale with the Use of the Best Tiles?

Flooring Stores in Glendale CA

When styling your home, there are various things to consider. If you are not sure where to begin this project, you can start with your home’s floor. There are a lot of flooring options available on the market. If you need any help in deciding, visit our flooring stores in Glendale, CA. We have showrooms where you can go to find some inspiration. 

Flooring Stores in Glendale CA to Explore Designs and Patterns

Choose Classic Design 

Simplicity is underrated. You may want to become a maximalist. But minimalism stays relevant in most places, including your floor. When it comes to tiles, you should consider horizontal or diagonal tiles. They are simple and you’re going to spend less money on them. Simple yet classic design still offers elegant results. It also emphasizes the other things in your home. 

Incorporate Patterns

If you want to boost your floor design, consider incorporating patterns onto your floor tiles. You may think that tiles with fancy designs are costly. But they don’t. Neutral tiles are costlier than tiles with fancy patterns and designs. You can choose mosaics that can add another layer of texture to your floor. 

Determine How to Install the Tiles 

You can choose a beautiful layout. But you can also allow your creativity to flow with how the tiles are installed. If you want to lay them out side by side, you can. You have all the power to install them however you wish. After all, you’re the ultimate designer of your house. No one will stop you. 

Fuse Different Patterns and Designs

Sometimes, you want to get both patterns and tile designs. Thankfully, this is possible by fusing them. In most cases, they make the most amazing design and appeal. For instance, you can incorporate simple grid patterns with rectangular tiles. This design can add a twist to your boring design. 


In today’s flooring options, you can choose to get crazy with your design. You can even opt to customize them. In that case, you have a lot of options when it comes to designing your home. The collection will include a variety of textures and materials. You can choose your own design, regardless of how unconventional it is. In most cases, a bit of chaos can bring beauty to your floor. You can break the patterns by not following the layout. And try not to follow one tone of the tile. You’ll see a huge difference.

Flooring Stores in Glendale CA

Talk to a Designer 

Although you can choose your own design for your home, it’s still important to consult with an expert. Our designers at Amirian Home are more than eager to help pick the right tiles for your floor. Visit our flooring stores in Glendale, CA today to find more ideas and talk to our designers. Or call us first for more information: (818) 862-3122.

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