How to Use Tile Flooring to Create Different Visual Effects?

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Torrance, California is a diverse city. It has a variety of architectural styles. If you are planning to remodel your house in the city, there are various places where you can find ideas. Amirian Home’s tile store in Torrance has various showrooms that you can visit to look for inspiration for your home renovation project. 

Tile Store in Torrance to Shop for the Right Tile Flooring That Creates Visual Effects

Creating a variety of visual effects through tile flooring is possible. The result will depend on the type, color, pattern, and layout of the tiles you prefer. 

Create the Illusion of Space 

One of the tricks to make a smaller space look bigger is to use tiles. But what tiles to use to achieve this effect? You should go large. The bigger the better. Bigger tiles give the illusion of grandeur. You can choose 60×60 tiles. Or opt for 90×90 tiles as they minimize grout lines. As a result, they create seamless walls and floors. The small space will become visually bigger. 

Create a Focal Point 

Tiles can also be used to create a focal point in your house. For instance, you may use a bold pattern or colorful tile in a certain area, like a foyer or entryway. This will create a focal point that will definitely draw attention to that area for the room. In your kitchen, you may spruce it up by adding a staple backsplash wall behind the stove. This will help in keeping your or your visitors’ eyes on the beautiful design. It will prevent other people from looking at the surrounding food mess in that area of your house. Patterned kitchen tiles can also be great as they offer a vintage look. They can keep your walls clean and easy to maintain. 

Create a Sense of Movement 

Patterns can be a great way to give your design a sense of movement. The fluid lines can create a dimensional touch, no matter where you install them. The result is still a breathtaking design that offers a sense of amazement for many years to come. For instance, you choose a basketweave that can evoke a modern feeling. Herringbone is also a classic pattern of tile that creates movement in your design. Its colors and style are flexible. Thus, it is ideal for nearly any design. Herringbone partners can also add visual interest to a room. 

Create a Sense of Depth

Darker tile flooring can create a sense of depth in any room. But make sure to mix it with light wall colors to give the room a sense of extra space. However, make sure to observe the consistency in the design. Dark tiles installed near light carpets will cut off the flow at every change. Thus, make sure to be consistent when choosing colors that can tie your home together. It makes every room look larger than the footprint. 

tile store Torrance

Shop for More Tiles 

If you need more inspiration, visit our tile store in Torrance. Our showroom will help you visualize what your room will look like when you choose a certain tile design or style. Call us today to inquire about our products: (818) 862-3122

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