Interior Design Tips for Making the Most of the Available Space

interior design

Living in a small space, like an apartment or tiny house, can be a real challenge if you wish to decorate it. If this is your case, minimalism is a necessity. Interior design for small spaces requires looking into every angle of the house to maximize the space. The key to pulling off a minimalist home is to ensure that you focus on functionality. 

Interior Design Tips to Get Started

Opt for Multi-Functional Furniture 

It reduces clutter as it lowers the number of pieces in your house. Space-saving furniture can give you storage space while keeping clutter at bay. It also keeps your limited space tidy. 

In other words, it makes the space feel more inviting. Furthermore, it lowers the cost of interior designing because you don’t have to buy multiple furniture pieces. You just have to pay for one item that can perform various functions. In that case, it doesn’t only save space but you’re also saving a significant amount of money. 

Use Light Colors to Give the Illusion of a Larger Space 

When it comes to interior designing a tiny house, you need to create the illusion of a bigger home. You have to choose colors that will create such an illusion. The trick is to pick a lighter-colored paint. Light colors amplify the natural light in your space. It’s also vital to use the light coming in to expand the space. 

Light paint colors are gentle on the eye so they encourage the eyes to travel throughout the room. Don’t use bold colors because they’ll only overwhelm the space. Dark colors make your tiny home feel and look smaller. You may go for a rustic look. But how your tiny home looks is up to your imagination. 

Get Creative with Storage Solutions 

As mentioned, living in a tiny house requires minimalism. It’s a necessity and not an option. Finding space for all of your belongings can be a real challenge. You want plenty of open room so you feel like you can still breathe in your tiny house. To solve this issue, you need to get creative with your storage solutions. 

  • You may use floating shelves to store items. 
  • The overhead kitchen cabinets are great. They are open cubes and you can see right through the shelves. At a glance, you can easily grab what you need. 
  • Consider storage solutions that let you put on your things and fit your items under the shelves. 
  • Every plane of wood has top and bottom surfaces. To maximize storage space, use both sides of the shelves. 

interior design

Incorporate Mirrors to Add Depth to the Space 

Mirrors are an excellent idea if you want to spice up your house and make it look like it’s bigger than it actually is. A full-length mirror is great. It is an excellent tool to create a little depth. It guides the eyes upwards to make the room look more spacious. 

These interior design tips should help you make the most of your small space! If you need further help, visit Amirian Home in Glendale for more ideas. Good luck!


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