Is It Okay to Use Black Luxury Kitchen Tiles?

luxury kitchen tiles

Black luxury kitchen tiles may not be the most popular option. You probably might be having thoughts of using them. But the black color evokes sophistication. That’s why they are popular for bathrooms and the kitchen. They are incredibly flexible while leaving a long-lasting impression. 

Why Choose Black Luxury Kitchen Tiles

A black floor can steal the show. It updates your kitchen quickly. But there’s more to it than just adding a touch to this cooking space. Here are some reasons you need to consider them. 

  • Pairs well with any color scheme. The color black pairs well with any color scheme in your house and your kitchen. In that case, you can update your house’s furnishings or window treatments without the need to remove your black tile flooring. 
  • Add Depth to the Room. The use of dark tiles can bring a new dimension to the overall design of your kitchen. It makes this area look larger. 
  • Create a feeling of openness. It’s especially true if you choose glossy black tiles. They make your kitchen more open and attractive. However, make sure to pick lighter paint colors to add more contrast. 
  • Hide dirt. Your kitchen can get messy easily. But you can’t see the dirt because of the matte black tiles. That’s why black tiles work well in high traffic areas in your house, and not just in your kitchen. 

Opt to Have Black Floor Tiles 

If you don’t want black tiles for the flooring in your kitchen, you can choose to use them for the walls. Keep in mind that the black color affects visual perception. It makes the areas smaller. Thus, make sure to balance everything. Although it can help create the feeling of openness, you need to pair it with other shades of color. But it really depends on how you want the room to appear. 

Use In Any Room 

Black color tiled can be used in any type of room, it’s not just in your kitchen. The color just works in nearly every area of your house. You don’t need to use one uniform design. You can try gray tile in your kitchen. Slate porcelain can look big in contemporary kitchen areas. 

Or you can choose matte dark tile to make your kitchen look contemporary and clean. It also helps in hiding dirt. Make sure to use dark grout so it won’t look dingy in your kitchen. When it comes to style, choose durable and natural stones. You may also opt for marble and granite tiles. 

luxury kitchen tiles

Different Styles 

You can achieve different tiles when you opt for black tiles. Generally, they are smart, sleek, and bold. They easily work in contemporary design schemes. However, if you’re not sure how to use them in your kitchen, visit our showrooms so you can find different tile options for your kitchen. 

If it’s time for you to install kitchen tiles, you might want to choose the black luxury kitchen tiles being offered at Amirian Home. Call us here for more information: (818) 862-3122


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