Is Porcelanosa Tile Ideal If You Have Pets at Home?

Porcelanosa Tile

Are you a dog owner? Or are you planning to adopt a cat? If you are, then make sure that your house is ready for your furry family member. And if you are planning to remodel your house and want to change the flooring, you should consider a tile that’s ideal for your pet. Is porcelanosa tile a good option? 

Can You Choose Porcelanosa Tile If You Have Pets? 

Your floor is a huge investment. In that case, you don’t want to spend on flooring that will not last for years. That’s why having a tile floor is an ideal option if you want your dog happy. One of the best options on the market is Porcelanosa. Never pick carpet flooring. 

Why It is Not a Good Idea to Choose Carpet Flooring? 

It makes the house look elegant. But it can be a nightmare if you have pets at home. The carpet is difficult to clean. If your pet is not trained yet, it can pee or poop anywhere. Hardfloor is a wonderful option. But it is prone to scratches. It can also develop set-in stains. Another option is laminate. It has a nicer look. But it is slippery to pets. Although you can choose vinyl floors as they can stand up to moisture, it does not provide a desirable look. 

The Best Flooring for Your Pets 

Porcelanosa tile is the best flooring option if you have pets at home. It solves all the issues presented by other flooring options mentioned above. For instance, it is durable and resistant to scratches, unlike hardwood floors. And unlike carpet flooring, you can clean up the mess easily without the use of special equipment. With the use of advanced technology, tile makers can manufacture any look that their customers want. In that case, you can find the style and design that you wish for your house. Thus, if you want a wood-look tile or a stone-look tile, there are options available for you on the market. 

Is It a Good Tile Overall? 

Yes, it is an excellent tile overall. It is made of inorganic materials without post-fired treatments. In that case, it has no VCO emissions. When it comes to thickness, Porcelanosa offers compact, durable material. With that in mind, it can easily withstand high and low temperatures. You can find Porcelanosa tiles that are 3.5 mm thick. Or you can go with a tile with a 9-mm thickness. Choose a tile depending on where you install it. This type of tile can be used in indoor and outdoor areas. However, there are tiles designed only for indoor use. In that case, choose carefully. 

Porcelanosa Tile

Talk to Our Designers 

Choosing what Porcelanosa tile to install in your house can be a bit complex especially if you have pets at home. That’s why it is highly recommended that you talk to our experts to help you pick the right flooring for your furry family member. Talk to us here at (818) 862-3122.

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