Is Porcelanosa Tile Safe for the Bathroom?

Porcelanosa Tile

Water and moisture are always present in your bathroom. That’s why you must choose a bathroom flooring material that doesn’t slip. When choosing the right tiles for your bathroom, make sure that they are safe and designed for this room. Although safety is vital when choosing bathroom tiles, you also need to consider your style and budget. Is porcelanosa tile ideal for the bathroom? 

Porcelanosa tile for the Bathroom: Ideal or Not? 

Porcelanosa is a type of ceramic tile with a quality rating of 5.85. There are different types of Porcelanosa tiles and the one you choose must be designed for the bathroom. Since Porcelanosa is a type of ceramic tile, then it’s safe to be used in this setup. However, you must choose tiles with a smooth and durable surface. As long as you choose the right texture, you won’t likely trip on it. Then again, choose non-slippery tiles.

Recognize How the Tiles Look and Feel

You might have browsed tones of tile options online. But you might wonder how they would look and feel in person. If you want to know how these details, you should visit our showrooms. Our experts will guide you in finding the best tiles with a slip-resistant feature. We can help you find the type of flooring for the bathroom that emphasizes safety. However, safety isn’t the only factor to consider here. We also make sure that the tiles are attractive enough for this room. 

Porcelanosa Tile

Vinyl Flooring

It’s another slip-resistant option for your bathroom flooring. However, not all vinyl flooring is designed for this purpose. Make sure that if you choose this flooring, opt for the model with a slip-resistance feature. The great thing about vinyl flooring is that it’s easy to maintain. It’s also resistant to damage from water. 

What Color of Porcelanosa Tile to Use? 

It depends on your current bathroom decor. To increase the limits of this room and make it safer, you should go for a limitless style with natural finishes. 

  • You can choose to unite your walls and floors with the same color to add personality to this room. 
  • Opt for natural colors to give your bathroom the infinity look. 
  • Achieve the limitless design with ceramic tiles with different shades and finishes. 

What’s great about Porcelanosa tile is that you can combine it with marble sinks or countertops in natural wood. 

Orange, Pink, Blue Tiles 

These colors are ideal for your bathroom. Orange can add warmth to the bathroom while pink can look earthy and grounded. It’s especially true if the rest of the bathroom is sparkling white. Blue offers an intricate pattern feel. It’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of room to express your style. With this color, there’s no need to add more character to the room. 

Need More Inspiration? 

As mentioned, there are various options for your bathroom flooring and walls. Porcelanosa tile offers a lot of designs that you can easily install in your bathroom. Visit our showrooms today to talk to one of our experts.

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