Keep This In Mind When Choosing Your Outdoor Tile

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Nothing enhances an entry path or a backyard like a well-decorated surface. Outdoor flooring takes on all sorts of looks and aesthetics, ranging from brick and stone to tile and cement. However, the best way to make sure it stands out with its own personality is through tiling. Outdoor tiles can be a beautiful addition to both front and back yards. You need to remember, though, that not every tile will get the job done. You will need to take into account the following factors.

outdoor tile

Exposure to Light

The first thing you need to consider when determining the look you want for your tiles is that these will be under consistent exposure to the sun. You need to consider just how much light and heat the tiles will be taking in. This goes beyond possible fading of the colors, although that definitely is something you might want to consider. However, the color and material of the tiles will also determine just how much light these are absorbing and reflecting. It is recommended that darker tiles are used in bright sunny places. Meanwhile, in cloudier places with dimmer sunlight, lighter tiles are recommended so that light can better bounce off them and illuminate shaded areas.

Weather Resistance

You don’t usually think about this at the time of picking tiles for your kitchen or your bathroom, but outdoor tiles need to be able to withstand the temperature and conditions brought forth by the weather. For example, if you live in an area with a harsh contrast between the seasons, you will need tiles with a lower water absorption rate. This way, they won’t absorb water that will freeze and thaw along with the changes in temperature. Sandstone will absorb a lot of water, while porcelain won’t. By taking this into consideration you won’t have to deal with your tiles cracking due to potential frozen water stored in them.

Surface Texture

When choosing tiles to be used outside, you should take into account that people are going to be walking on these. Sure, that’s the case with any floor tiling, but outdoor tiles will be exposed to a variety of different elements, including water. Whether it’s because of rain, irrigation, or something else, outdoor tiles are bound to get wet. Even if you live in an area with relatively low rainfall, the moisture will still represent an issue. This means that the texture needs to be appropriate so as to not represent a safety hazard for people who walk on it. The texture of outdoor tiles should have some sort of “tooth” that can provide a non-slip surface. By keeping this in mind at the time of picking tiles, you can prevent accidents and create a safer outdoor environment for your household.

Outdoor Tile

At Amirian Home, we are determined to match you with the ideal tile design for just about any space and surface. Regardless of the way you want to apply the tile design, we are here to provide you with the right one for you. You can browse our online catalog to find the tile you are looking for or call us at (818) 500-8505 for more information.

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