Luxury Kitchen Tiles Will Elevate the Style of Your Kitchen

luxury kitchen tiles

Who doesn’t want their kitchen to look as good as possible? Everyone wants to be able to both cook and entertain comfortably in their kitchen, which is why you probably want to make an effort to create the best environment. A key component of that journey will be the luxury kitchen tiles you end up choosing.

luxury kitchen tiles

Stone Tiles Elevate Your Kitchen

Stone tiles are often considered top tier among luxury kitchen tiles, not just because of how much they cost, but because of the way they immediately convey elegance at first sight. There’s no material that can quite capture the aesthetic impact of stone, which is why it’s such a common choice for those looking to impress with their kitchen. Let’s talk about some of the more popular options.

Marble Tiles

Is there a material that denotes elegance as much as marble does? This stone is the result of the long-term natural compression of fossil remails, carrying with it an almost ancestral signifier of grandeur and luxury. Since its frequent use by the ancient Greeks in sculpture and architecture, this stone has always held a special place in the pantheon of stone tiles. However, it’s often better to use marble tiles in rooms that don’t see heavy foot traffic, such as bathrooms and private areas of the house. Limestone, which is slightly more resistant to heavy traffic, can provide a very similar look to that of marble while also allowing for different shades and textures.

Granite Tiles

Granite, on the other hand, is a perfect material for areas with high foot traffic. As a result of the cooling and hardening of molten substances, this igneous rock is one of the hardest materials known in the world. It is incredibly durable and resistant to cracks, so it can easily withstand the pressure of continuous exposure to foot traffic. Granite is well known for its interesting textures, unique color patterns, and high-end connotations. The look of granite evokes natural rocks, giving off a very specific feeling that makes it a popular choice for outdoor areas, entrance halls, and kitchens. Since granite colors usually lie on scales of gray, it is easy to match, combine, and complement with the rest of the room.

Slate Tiles

Now, slate is a result of years of natural heat and compression that transforms sedimentary rock, which makes it very durable and resistant. This stone is pretty well known for its rich dark colors and the solemn elegance it brings to just about any space. The rugged look of these tiles might even bring up images of ancient temples or crypts, but they don’t have to look as dramatic when used in a home. If you properly match slate luxury kitchen tiles with the right color scheme, these can create quite refined spaces. Not just that, but slate is actually a very resistant material that can stay clean and untouched in a way that causes the best first impression.

Find the Best Luxury Kitchen Tiles

At Amirian Home, we are determined to match you with the ideal luxury kitchen tiles for your home. Regardless of the material of your choosing, we are here to provide you with the right one for you. You can browse our online catalog to find the tile you are looking for or call us at (818) 500-8505 for more information.

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