Making the Right Choice of Kitchen Tile That Will Both Last and Look Good

Kitchen Tile Store in Glendale

Are you looking to retile your kitchen? Are you moving into a new place and want to decorate from scratch? Well, either way, you will want to have plenty of choices and to know what to look for in them. Here are some things you should consider when looking for kitchen tile in order to make sure that you are making the right choice both functionally and aesthetically.

Define the Look of the Kitchen

The flooring of your kitchen is going to be the main defining aspect of its general look. Sure, the cabinets and countertops are going to be what is almost always on sight, but the floor is what covertly makes it all work when put together. If you are working from scratch, your decision on which tile you are getting could potentially define the whole aesthetic of the room, which is why you want to make the decision wisely. You probably want something that you can easily match with the usual metallic tones of kitchen appliances, saving more particular colors when you know you will be able to keep up the aesthetic going forward.

Kitchen Tile Store in Glendale

          Kitchen Tile Store in Glendale

Complement the Cabinets

If you are not working from scratch and are instead retiling your kitchen, then you will mostly have to consider the cabinets and countertops as your guiding lights throughout this process. In the interest of harmonious design, look for tile colors and patterns that go with what you are working on. A good rule of thumb is to go for lighter shades than those on the cabinets and countertops because darker tones will often be too overwhelming. This doesn’t mean that should always go for very light colors. If your cabinets and countertops are black, for example, dark grays tend to work very well on the tiling. When it comes to kitchen tile, it’s all about finding the right balance.

Pick the Right Material

We’ve talked a lot about the aesthetics of kitchen tile and not nearly enough about materials. These will be very important to consider when deciding on such a functional aspect of your kitchen. After all, tiles are for stepping on them, which means your material of choice will have to put up with foot traffic, as well as spills and constant cleaning. This is what makes stones such as granite and slate very popular choices for tiling kitchens. These hard materials will put up with foot traffic while also providing you with visually interesting surfaces. Stone will be particularly resistant to both the traffic demands of your kitchen as well as its cleaning ones.

Find the Kitchen Tile of Your Dreams

Our main goal here at Glendale Tile is to match you with the right tile for your home, be it bathroom tile or kitchen tile, so that you can have the home you’ve always wanted. We are determined to match you with the ideal ties for your home and to provide you with the right tiles for your needs. You can browse our online catalog to find the tile you are looking for or call us at (818) 500-8505 for more information.

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