Outdoor Tile Showroom in Glendale Takes Everything into Account

outdoor tile showroom in glendale

Picking floor tiles will always involve a combination of aesthetic value and practicality. You can’t pick tiles that fail in regards to humidity for your bathroom, can you? This also applies when choosing an outdoor tile, perhaps most importantly. These can be quite beautiful additions to any outdoor environment, but you will need to approach this matter with the necessary knowledge. Our outdoor tile showroom in Glendale can help you with that. Here is what you will need to consider at the time of picking your outdoor tiles.

Weather Conditions

While you don’t think about this when it comes to picking kitchen or bathroom tiles, you need to take into account temperature and weather elements that will come into contact with outdoor tiles. For example, you might live in an area with a harsh contrast between the seasons. In this case, you will need tiles with a lower water absorption rate. These tiles won’t absorb water that could then freeze and thaw along with the changes in temperature. Sandstone will absorb a lot of water, while porcelain won’t. If you take this factor into consideration you won’t have to deal with your tiles cracking due to potential frozen water stored in them.

outdoor tile showroom in glendale

Light Reception

Now that you’ve considered the weather conditions, you need to remember that there will also be continuous exposure to the sun. These tiles will be taking in a lot of light and that will be a factor at the time of choosing. This goes beyond possible fading of the colors, although that is definitely a part of it. However, the color and material of the tiles will also determine just how much light these will be both absorbing and reflecting. It is recommended that darker tiles are used in bright sunny places. Meanwhile, in places with dimmer sunlight, lighter tiles are recommended so that light can better bounce off them and illuminate shaded areas.

Texture and Grip

People are going to be walking on any floor tiles, but outdoor tiles will be exposed to a variety of different elements, including water. Whether it’s because of rain, irrigation, or something else, outdoor tiles are bound to get wet. Even if you live in an area with relatively low rainfall, the moisture will still be an issue worth accounting for. The tile texture needs to be appropriate so as to not represent a safety hazard for people who walk on it. The texture of outdoor tiles should be able to provide a non-slip surface for those who walk on them. This is especially important if they will be walking on them barefoot. By keeping this in mind at the time of picking tiles, you can prevent accidents and create a safer outdoor environment for your home.

Outdoor Tile Showroom in Glendale

We at Amirian Home pride ourselves on the wide variety of outdoor tiles that we have available for you. Regardless of the look that you are looking to achieve in your outdoor area, we have the right components to get you the spaces you want. For a look at our catalog, be sure to browse through our website or visit our outdoor tile showroom in Glendale at 4116 San Fernando Rd.

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