Picking the Right Bathroom Vanity is a Matter of Design and Function

bathroom vanity

Bathrooms are rooms that are almost entirely devoted to function, but that doesn’t mean that there is no chance for a flare of design at the time of remodeling or building a new one. One of the most important components is, of course, the bathroom vanity, which will provide structure to your sink and the things you use in the bathroom. Let’s talk about the many design possibilities for this often-overlooked fixture of your bathroom.

bathroom vanity


A lot of homes will have a very practical approach to the bathroom vanities, going for something that allows for storage first and foremost. This, to be clear, is not bad, and it’s actually very functional regardless of the design of the vanity. These are almost always very simple in their design in order to accommodate the drawers and cabinets underneath the sink. This kind of vanity is very good in smaller spaces where there might not be a lot of storage space for bathroom essentials elsewhere. If you have somewhere else to store your bathroom necessities, then there are other options in regards to the design of vanities, plenty of which can tickle that design urge you’re probably feeling.


Traditional designs for bathroom vanities often include some storage space, be it via drawers or small cabinets, usually accommodated to their design. This more traditional design of vanities consists of, essentially, a piece of furniture that touches the floor. By taking up this vertical space more efficiently, these can have a sunken sink, the necessary pipes, and even some room for storage space within the vanity. These can be quite interesting additions to the bathroom, become active components that complement the design of the room. Of course, if you want something more simple or modern, there are plenty of other options that play with the possibilities of bathroom design.


What is, in essence, your bathroom vanity? It’s a shelf for your sink, right? Well, following in on the steps of minimalism and modern design, there are vanities that, in the simplest terms, fulfill mostly this function with added counter space for essentials. Still, these are ideal for people who have other shelving or closet space where they can store the usual bathroom paraphernalia, serving instead as more of an accent to the room at most. This is where you can really play with the colors and textures already present in your bathroom in order to better define the aesthetic through one of its key components. Just because the design is more minimalist, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Find the Bathroom Vanity You’ve Been Looking For

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