Porcelanosa: The Experience to Make Your Home That Much Better


Are you looking for the very best in tile? Do you want a kind of tile that will stand the test of time, that you can rely on year in and year out? Of all of the different kinds of tile and different tile companies in the world, Porcelanosa stands out from the rest. For generations, they’ve made the kind of tile that all other tile is judged against. We’re proud to offer their tile here. Often, we’re asked some version of: “why are they considered so far beyond the rest?” 

What Makes Porcelanosa So Popular? 

From the beginning, Porcelanosa has been steeped in a rich history of utilizing white clay as the linchpin in crafting premium wall and floor tiles. 

From its inception, The company has etched its name as a trailblazer, evolving beyond conventional ceramic tiles to a diverse array, encompassing inventive ceramic mosaics, through body and colored body porcelain tiles, wood-inspired tiles, and the avant-garde extra-thin and large laminate porcelain tiles. 

Amongst the accolades showered upon the brand, its distinction as a trend-setter extends not only within the tile industry but permeates the fabric of interior design.

The Combination of Style and Strength

At the core of its success lies their unwavering commitment to research and development, embracing cutting-edge techniques in the production of porcelain wall and floor tiles. 

Colored body porcelain tiles, a hallmark of their collection, seamlessly integrate into various design styles, from the sleek lines of modernity to the timeless charm of classic aesthetics. 

A delicate glaze layer blankets these tiles, bestowing upon them a diverse spectrum of realistic textures, finishes, and designs while upholding the superior performance inherent in porcelain tiles. The brand specializes in crafting porcelain tiles, each adorned with a natural layer of glaze, a testament to their meticulous craftsmanship.

What Kinds of Tiles Are There? 

Ceramic tiles, fashioned from clay or a blend of clay and assorted materials, undergo a transformative journey. Whether basking in the sun’s rays or undergoing the fiery baptism of a kiln, these tiles eventually fall into two distinct categories – porcelain or others, commonly referred to as non-porcelain ceramic tiles.

Whether your allegiance lies with ceramic or porcelain, the company boasts an expansive array of choices, spanning a kaleidoscope of hues, surface textures, dimensions, and contours. They have a tile to fit your specific property, no matter if it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else.   


Which Tile is Right for My Property? 

In the realm of home decor, tiles have steadily gained popularity among homeowners, driven by a trifecta of appealing factors: aesthetic allure, the simplicity of maintaining a pristine living space, and the inherent durability of tiles. Yet, as the demand for tiles escalates, a crucial query looms in the minds of homeowners – the perennial debate between porcelain and ceramic tiles. 

To see which tiles are right for you, we invite you to check out the rest of our site. To see even more clearly, you can come to our showrooms. 

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