Remodeling Ideas for Your Countryside House with Amirian Home Renovation Products

tile flooring

What can you do to remodel your old countryside home that has probably been in the family for generations? Countryside homes have their style and curb appeal rooted in history that you must consider when remodeling to retain some bits of the old. Amirian Home tile flooring experts understand this very well and have enough experience remodeling countryside houses to undertake your project satisfactorily.

The old into the modern

Most countryside houses were constructed in brick or stone and roofed with tiles or shingles. How do you remodel brick walls without tearing down and still get a new look? Our design consultants will assess the house for structural integrity before designing a new look for it. Sometimes all it takes is good repairs and a fresh coat of paint for a new perspective. Redesigning the front porch and installing new design windows and doors can bring back the old splendor.

tile flooring

Consider the surroundings

Countryside houses were designed for farms and this came with extended gardens and trees. Whereas these may have added beauty to the home at one time, large trees steal from the beauty of the house if too close. They also cut out light from the interiors besides creating a damp environment around the house. The environment, which includes lawn, trees, and driveways, is integral to a countryside home renovation and you may consider scaling back on trees.

Redesign the entrance

Remodeling the house entrance is like having plastic surgery; it changes the face of the home and creates a new standard. Amirian Home recommends adding a patio deck at the rear or a portico porch at the front can turn your old countryside house into a stunning modern beauty. Style up the surfaces with quality floor tiles from our tile showroom to get a chic finish for your old ranch house.

A freehand with interiors

Exterior remodeling will try to retain the original architectural concept and leaves little room for an extreme makeover. However, the interiors and especially spaces like the kitchen bathrooms and bedrooms can be pulled down to give way to modern design and amenities. This will increase the functionality of the house while adding beauty and sophistication. We will strive to retain but improve the exterior design to blend in with the rustic setting.

Enhance outdoor spaces

Countryside living is all about the outdoors, the scents, the sun, and the fresh air. We recommend the addition of ample porches and decks that can accommodate outdoor furniture for family gatherings and dining for the rustic feel. We could integrate a barbeque grill to your deck to complete the setting of your renovated home.

The old school countryside homes were built to last and it would be a shame to pull them down to build a contemporary unit. Amirian Home can help you recreate the old house into modern standards with great renovation ideas. Please contact our offices personally or call (818) 862-3662 and we will be glad to help you.

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