STON-KER Porcelanosa Tile: The Beauty of Stone & the Elegance of Tile

Porcelanosa Tile

Are you looking for the best kind of tile but aren’t sure what it is? Does it seem like so many different kinds of tiles are the same? Yes, there are several types of tile that have little differentiation from one another. However, there is one sort of tile that has stood atop the rest. Here at Amirian Home, we offer STON-KER Porcelanosa Tile. This is, in so many ways, a true form of high-performance tile. They have a lengthy list of benefits. 

Resistance Born of Structure 

As you may know, in the past, “ceramic tiles” essentially meant that two layers were set on top of the other. One was a glazed layer on top, and the other was the tile’s body. STON-KER, on the other hand, has a more uniform structure that is essentially indivisible. As such, it can handle the heaviest in terms of pedestrian traffic all while minimizing wear, tear, abrasion, and more. That makes it a great fit for busy commercial applications while also being perfect for a family kitchen, too. 

Large Formats for Large Effects 

For further versatility, it’s possible to get STON-KER tiles in larger formats. As such, they provide a higher level of optical continuity. So, that means they can not just cover larger surfaces, they can “open them up” stylistically tremendously. No matter if you’re looking for tile for your indoor floors and walls or even those outdoors, this tile can withstand the kind of weather conditions that many experience throughout Southern California. Even when the rains come, when the winds arrive, and so forth, these tiles can stand the test of time. 

Safe Tiles 

One question we’re often asked about tile from time to time is some version of: “Won’t I slip on this tile?” The truth is that STON-KER can have true anti-slip properties, named, appropriately, “AntiSlip.” This is one of those attributes that lives up to the name: these models can make it so that, even if your tile is near the swimming pool, the bathtub, the sink, the fridge, and elsewhere, the odds of you or someone you care about losing their footing are low. 

Performance Porcelanosa Tile 

Porcelanosa has offered ceramic products for a long time. These are of very high quality, durable and strong. When they created STON-KER, however, they wanted to make something with even higher resistance, something that can meet the most demanding architectural needs and exceed them. 

Porcelanosa Tile

Tile Solutions 

Yes, it is entirely possible you have read to this point and thought something like: “Sure, these tiles sound very advanced, but how can I know if they’re the right fit for me?” This is a valid question, as there’s only so much that you can ascertain from even the best picture. To that end, we offer appointments at our showrooms. Here, you can see these tiles and the rest of our products as they’re meant to be seen: with your own eyes, in person, in bathrooms, kitchens, and more. To set this up, you can schedule an appointment through our site or call. 

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