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Latest Stone Flooring Trends by Glendale Local Tile Showroom

Most homeowners preparing to upgrade their floors are choosing stone as their primary choice. Natural stone can fit well in interior and exterior use due to its resilience and longevity. Stone is valuable and gives your home a luxurious look adding beauty to every room in your home.  Currently, five stones top the list of…

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Glendale Local Tile Company on Choosing Between Tiles and Stone Flooring

Natural stone and tiles are the most common flooring materials in the market today. Both materials give your floor a beautiful look and are easy to install. It is not easy to compare the two because both are in high demand and homeowners are happy using the flooring materials. However, every material used in home…

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Tiles Tips on The Right Type of Flooring At Our Glendale Showroom

Are you thinking about changing the floorings in your home? You should know that each flooring type has its own benefits, downsides, and a certain type can be ideal for one room but a disastrous for another.  It is, therefore, important to research the various types of flooring first. Learn more about what type would…

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