The History Of Porcelanosa Tile And How It Can Make Your Home Better

There are as many tile manufacturers out there, but only a few of them carry the weight of tradition. Porcelanosa, a Spanish tile manufacturer, is one of those. They carry with it a strong history and a reliable attention to quality. What Makes Porcelanosa Special? Porcelanosa’s history goes back several decades, starting out in a…

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The Beauty and Elegance of Porcelanosa Tile Here in Glendale

When curating a tile catalog for customers, here at Amirian Home we want to make sure that we are offering the best tile options available. We knew that no showroom or catalog would be complete without the well-known Porcelanosa Tile. This Spanish tile manufacturer lives on as the source of some of the best-regarded ceramic…

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Porcelanosa Tile

What Makes Porcelanosa Tile an Ideal Choice For Your Home?

As tile distributors, we at Amirian Home are constantly being asked about what the best available options for ceramics, tiling, and kitchen flooring are. There are countless manufacturers, a lot of them quite prestigious, available nowadays. Wide distributing networks, such as those we at Amirian Home are a part of, allow homeowners, designers, and architects…

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