The Glendale Tile Guide to Tiling Your Outdoor Spaces

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Nothing enhances outdoor spaces such as yards and gardens quite as well as tile does. After all, tile helps distribute space and decorate surroundings, but it also allows you to make better use of your outdoors. Here’s the quick Glendale Tile guide on how to pick the right tiles.

Consider the Use

First of all, you’ll have to consider what you are putting outdoor tiles for. Are you tiling a path from the sidewalk to your door? Do you plan to have a small courtyard to hang out in your backyard? You might be asking what the difference is between one or the other. Can’t you just pick the design you like and call it a day? Well, not exactly. You need to consider the foot traffic that these tiles will be seeing. If it’s a path to your front door then you can be expecting a lot of foot traffic coming and going on the tiles. On the other hand, if it’s a small area to sometimes hang out in your yard, these will most likely not see heavy transit. Glendale Tile can help you find the apt flooring for each use.

Take the Weather Into Account

When it comes to tiling outdoor spaces the most important thing will be to consider the weather these tiles will have to be subjected to. For example, you might live in an area with a harsh contrast between the seasons. In this case, you will need tiles with a lower water absorption rate. These tiles won’t absorb water that could then freeze and thaw along with the changes in temperature. Sandstone will absorb a lot of water, while porcelain won’t. You also need to remember that there will also be continuous exposure to the sun. These tiles will be taking in a lot of light and that will be a factor at the time of choosing. The color and material of the tiles will also determine just how much light these will be both absorbing and reflecting. It is recommended that darker tiles are used in bright sunny places.

Don’t Forget the Pattern

Now that you have taken into consideration the functional aspects of the tiling, you will have to consider the visual ones, of course. These are, in many ways, the most important ones, right? That’s what you’re getting the tiles for, after all, so that they look good where you place them. Do you want ceramic or porcelain? Maybe, since it’s for the outdoors, you will want something that looks more natural, such as stone. In the end, you will want something that can match the facade of your home, making sure that the colors and textures go well together. There are plenty of different tile patterns here at Glendale Tile, all of them with their own personality and aesthetic value.


Floor Glendale Tiles

Floor Glendale Tiles


Glendale Tile Has Got You Covered

We at Glendale Tile are dedicated to setting you up with the highest quality tiles available on the market. We have stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles, among many others that will enrich your yard in unprecedented ways. You can go ahead and browse our online catalog to find the tile you are looking for or call us at (818) 500-8505 for more information.


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