The Tiles of the World Are All Available at Our Tile Store in Glendale CA

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At our tile store in Glendale CA, our priority is to make sure that we are providing our customers with the highest quality tiles in the world. This, of course, means gathering the best tiles we can find across the globe and bringing them to our store for your convenience. In the process, we have curated an outstanding catalog of tiles that carry with them rich manufacturing traditions and unparalleled style. Let’s go over some of the international tile manufacturers we bring to Glendale.

Glendale Tiles

Our Tile Store in Glendale

Italian Tiles

You don’t need to go to Italy to know that they heavily rely on tiles and have done so for centuries. The Rennaissance, in particular, saw the advent of the Italian tile in both interior and exterior decorating. To this day, some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of tiles, such as La Fabbrica, Tecno Art Marmi, Casa Dolce Casa, and Cesarstone, among countless others. All these and more are available at our tile store in Glendale CA, where they are made readily available for you and other Los Angeles residents with good taste. The undeniable elegance and unparalleled quality of Italian tiles should be within the reach of everyone.

Spanish Tiles

Our tile collecting journey through the Mediterranean doesn’t stop in Italy, though, for Spain has plenty of different tiles to offer. Carrying a similar legacy to that in Italy, particularly given the Islamic influence in the region. To this day, Porcelanosa has produced some of the world’s best-regarded tiles on the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean. Throughout the last few decades, the company has cemented its status as one of the more popular and high-end tiling solutions in the world. Their presence has expanded to over 140 countries with hundreds of company-owned showrooms and even more operated by distributors. However, we don’t just stop at Porcelanosa, for we also offer Dune Tile and other Spanish manufacturers.

American Tiles

A lot of allegedly knowledgeable people on the subject will probably tell you that when it comes to tiles you just have to go with European imports. In fact, this article so far might make you think the same thing. However, don’t let them deter you from checking out what our very own domestic market has to offer. Crossville USA and American Olean Tile, for example, are longtime manufacturers of some of the most beautiful and withstanding tiles in the American market. We proudly offer these and more American tile products at our tile store in Glendale CA along with our plethora of European tile imports.

Tile Store in Glendale

Regardless of the tiles that you are looking for, we at Amirian Home are dedicated to setting you up with the highest quality tiles available on the market. Our tile store in Glendale CA has stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles, among many others that will enrich your home in unprecedented ways. You can go ahead and browse our online catalog to find the tile you are looking for or call us at (818) 500-8505 for more information. Our showroom is waiting for you.


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