floor tile

How to Use Floor Tile to Complement the Existing Aesthetic of a Room?

Floor tile is available in various styles and colors. Pairing tiles together is now easier. Thanks to the many options amiable. Mixing and matching tiles can create a beautiful, cohesive design. But what are the rules to follow to ensure that the tiles complement the existing aesthetic of a room?  Pairing Floor Tiles Together Consistent…

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tile store Torrance

How to Use Tile Flooring to Create Different Visual Effects?

Torrance, California is a diverse city. It has a variety of architectural styles. If you are planning to remodel your house in the city, there are various places where you can find ideas. Amirian Home’s tile store in Torrance has various showrooms that you can visit to look for inspiration for your home renovation project. …

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outdoor tile showroom Glendale

Outdoor Tile Showroom in Glendale Showing the Right Tile for the Patio

Amirian Home’s outdoor tile showroom in Glendale showcases different tiles for outdoor living spaces. We all know that these spaces require functional and attractive flooring. But that’s not all. They have to be sturdy and durable. In that way, they can withstand all the elements.  What to Look for When Visiting an Outdoor Tile Showroom…

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kitchen and bath showrooms San Fernando Valley

How to Create a Focal Point for Your Room?

Kitchen and bath showrooms in San Fernando Valley showcase products and designs for any kitchen and bathroom. You can use them to help you choose materials, colors, and layouts for your remodeling projects. These showrooms will also assist you in creating a focal point for your room.  Visit Kitchen and Bath Showrooms in San Fernando…

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tile flooring in Glendale

Is Tile Flooring in Glendale Ideal for Pool Decks?

When shopping for pool decking options, consider the materials you need in your design. Decorative concrete can offer you many looks in a cost-effective way. Tile flooring in Glendale specifically designed for pool decks are flexible, durable, and sturdy.  What is the Best Tile Flooring in Glendale Around a Pool?  Tile flooring can be a…

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How to Mix and Match Tile Materials and Finishes to Create a Cohesive Look?

Mixing and matching tile styles can create a cohesive look in any room. However, you have to consider when you combine tiles of different shapes, patterns, and sizes on the floors. Tiling large areas of the house will need a sizable investment. Thankfully, Amirian Home’s tile store in Glendale CA offers affordable tile flooring options. …

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Glendale flooring

What are the Best Glendale Flooring Ideas for 2023?

Flooring is a vital part of any space in your Glendale home. The good thing is that there are many great options that you can choose from. Because of the various choices available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. In this post, we’ll talk about the Glendale flooring trends that will be popular in 2023. …

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kitchen and bathroom showrooms in Hermosa Beach

How to Use Kitchen and Bathroom Showrooms in Hermosa Beach?

Kitchen and bathroom showrooms in Hermosa Beach are perfect places to explore ideas for your upcoming remodeling project. Here are some ways to make the most of your visit.  Making the Most of Kitchen and Bathroom Showrooms in Hermosa Beach  Bring Your Measurements Going to the showroom without measuring first the space of your kitchen…

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