porcelanosa tile

Porcelanosa Tile: Elegance and Beauty Defined

Have you been looking for the highest caliber tile there is? Do you want the kind of tile that all other kinds of tile are compared to? Here, we strive for nothing less than excellence, ensuring that our customers have access to the finest tile options available. No catalog or showroom would be complete without…

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Tile Flooring in Glendale

The Significance of Tile Flooring in Glendale: Elevating Interior Design

The floor beneath our feet, often overlooked, is a cornerstone of interior design. Interior designers understand that flooring sets the stage for a home’s aesthetic appeal, making it as crucial as any other element of design. Tile flooring in Glendale can be found in Amirian Home showrooms where its significance is understood, with various flooring…

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Outdoor Tile

How to Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces by Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Tile

Does it feel like your outdoor spaces lack a certain something? When it comes to transforming your outdoor spaces, few elements are as impactful as the right outdoor tile. These versatile materials have the power to turn mundane entry paths and backyards into stunning visual delights. From classic brick and stone to modern tile and…

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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets to Transform Your Kitchen Space

Do you want to make your kitchen better than ever? The heart of any home, the kitchen, serves as a central hub for culinary creativity, family gatherings, and social interactions. Here, cabinets are not mere storage solutions; they embody the essence of functionality and aesthetics. Selecting the ideal kitchen cabinets is akin to crafting the…

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Porcelanosa Tile

Porcelanosa Tile: The Pinnacle of Ceramic Artistry and Quality

Have you been looking for the very best in tile? In the world of ceramic tiles, the choices are vast and varied, making the selection process for homeowners, designers, and architects a daunting task. With numerous prestigious manufacturers spanning the globe, the pursuit of the perfect tile often leads enthusiasts back to one name: Porcelanosa….

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Bathroom Tile Store in Glendale

How a Trip to a Bathroom Tile Store in Glendale Can Elevate Your Home

Do you feel like your bathroom is missing something? Does it seem less restful and relaxing than it could be? Your bathroom is a sanctuary, a place where comfort meets style, and functionality meets aesthetics. Here at Amirian Home, a single trip to our bathroom tile store in Glendale can make your bathroom into what…

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Kitchen and Bath Showrooms in Glendale CA

What to Expect from Our Kitchen and Bath Showrooms in Glendale CA

Are you in the process of buying new tile for your kitchen or bathroom, but aren’t sure if you can go by just what you see on a screen? We get it. Here at Amirian Home, we make sure that you can find many of the products we offer in high quality photos and videos…

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kitchen and bath showrooms in San Fernando Valley

Kitchen and Bath Showrooms in San Fernando Valley: Elevate Your Home

Are you tired of checking various stores for high-quality home improvement products, only to be left disappointed by the limited options available? We don’t believe that, when it comes to your home, you should be limited to just making decisions off of a screen. That’s just one of the reasons we feature our kitchen and…

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Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity and More: Making Your Bathroom Space Your Own

Do you feel uncomfortable in your bathroom, as if it’s not everything that you hoped it would be? We can help. Every morning, as you transition from the warmth of your bed to the activities of the day, your bathroom becomes the sanctuary where you prepare to face the world. Whether it’s through a new…

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Which Porcelanosa Tiles Might Be Right for You

Have you been trying to find the perfect tile? Do you want something that’s innovative but that also fits your business? That’s Porcelanosa.  Renowned for its innovative tile designs, it offers a range of tiles that mimic the aesthetics of concrete, stone, and wood. These have the unique ability to replace materials like marble or…

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