kitchen cabinets

The Ultimate Guide to Pick the Right Kitchen Cabinets

The look of your kitchen will be determined by all sorts of different factors that balance aesthetics and functionality. For example, kitchen cabinets will be very important in terms of their use for storage as well as for their role in defining the look of the room in general. Let’s take a closer look at…

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floor tile

Implementing Mosaics with Your Floor Tile will Create Unique Spaces

There are countless different ways to implement floor tile to create unique spaces, whether these are your bathroom, your kitchen, or your common areas. One of the best ways to make sure your flooring looks great while also being unique and showcasing personality is through mosaics. The Potential of Mosaics Mosaics are designs, patterns, or…

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best tile company

Glendale Local Tile Company on Wooden Flooring Trends in 2021

Wood flooring has remained a top choice for many homeowners. Although it’s facing stiff competition from options that look like wood, authentic wood is longer-lasting than any other flooring material. With its limitless colors and patterns, wood flooring adds elegance to floors and it’s easy to maintain. Wood flooring will remain a top choice in…

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flooring company

Glendale Local Tile Showroom: How Patterned Tiles Make Your House Look Beautiful

Tile flooring is among the styles of flooring that has seen a rise in popularity, owing to its durability and adaptability. It can be used in several settings without having to think about problems like water, spills, or odors.  Tile flooring is very common in households because it delivers excellent value for money while also…

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tile showroom near me

Glendale Tile Showroom Experts Tips on Removing Hard Stains from the Floor Tiles

Tiles are ideal for high-traffic rooms like the kitchen, toilet, and laundry areas due to their longevity. Although most tiles do not stain easily, some items like paint, chewing gum, blood, and soft drinks can cause irreversible stains. You can use several techniques to extract stains from tiles. They range from hydrogen peroxide, detergents, and…

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bathroom vanity

Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity will Improve Your Bathroom Experience

A bathroom vanity is an often overlooked aspect of a bathroom even though it’s arguably the centerpiece of our bathroom use. After all, it’s where we begin and end our day, as well as where we’ll often store everything we need. Let’s go over everything you will need to keep in mind to choose the…

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luxury kitchen tiles

Let Luxury Kitchen Tiles Elevate Your Kitchen to New Design Heights

Putting together the kitchen you want isn’t always going to be easy. For one, your taste and your standards might be elevated beyond the options immediately available to you. This is why here at Amirian Home we make an effort to provide you with the best luxury kitchen tiles to satisfy your design cravings. Here’s…

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kitchen tile

Choose the Best Kitchen Tile For Your Use and Your Needs

If you are putting effort into making sure you have a nice kitchen, it’s probably because you are going to put it to good use. This means thinking about everything, from the appliances you install to the kitchen tile you end up using. This latter one, in particular, will be particularly important, given how it…

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