Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity and More: Making Your Bathroom Space Your Own

Do you feel uncomfortable in your bathroom, as if it’s not everything that you hoped it would be? We can help. Every morning, as you transition from the warmth of your bed to the activities of the day, your bathroom becomes the sanctuary where you prepare to face the world. Whether it’s through a new…

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Which Porcelanosa Tiles Might Be Right for You

Have you been trying to find the perfect tile? Do you want something that’s innovative but that also fits your business? That’s Porcelanosa.  Renowned for its innovative tile designs, it offers a range of tiles that mimic the aesthetics of concrete, stone, and wood. These have the unique ability to replace materials like marble or…

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Kitchen and Bath Showrooms in San Fernando Valley

Why So Many Visit Our Kitchen and Bath Showrooms in San Fernando Valley

Do you want the best style for your kitchen? Have you been looking at bathrooms online and can’t quite find exactly what you’re looking for? It’s very convenient to look at kitchen and bathroom designs on your phone. However, there are a number of drawbacks to such an approach, not the least of which is…

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Floor Tile

Floor Tile: The Benefits, the Basics, and More

Finding the right floor tile may not be easy. Their resilience and diverse patterns and styles are just a few of the factors that make them a popular choice among homeowners. Extensive selection options might make the search initially seem overwhelming, but conducting thorough research can lead you to the right flooring solution. Here at…

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Luxury Kitchen Tiles

Luxury Beyond Compare: What to Consider for Luxury Kitchen Tiles

Have you been looking for luxury kitchen tiles that seem genuinely luxurious? When it comes to adorning your kitchen with an air of opulence, selecting the perfect tiles is a crucial decision.  At Amirian Home, we have many tile options available from the biggest names in the industry.  What Can Make Luxury Kitchen Tiles Luxurious …

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kitchen and bathroom showrooms in Glendale CA

Reasons to Come to Our Kitchen and Bathroom Showrooms in Glendale CA

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen? Do you want to enhance your bathroom space? Here at Amirian Home, we have many options to help you to do exactly that and so much more. That said, we offer more than just pictures and videos of tiles on a screen. At our kitchen and bathroom showrooms…

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Porcelanosa Tile

Luxury Meets Functionality: Porcelanosa Tile for High-End Homes

When it comes to high-end home design, every detail matters. From elegant fixtures to premium materials, creating a luxurious living space requires a keen eye for quality. Among the key elements that can elevate your home’s aesthetics is the choice of tile. In this article, we’ll explore how Porcelanosa tile seamlessly combines luxury and functionality,…

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