Interior styling

How to Make Your Home Look Stunning Without Hiring an Interior Designer?

Is this even possible? Can you make your home interior look like it has been designed by a world-class interior designer? Yes, it is possible. Interior styling is all about imagination and the materials used. If you can’t afford an interior designer, you can still put together a fabulous design without hiring one. Visit Amirian…

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outdoor tile showroom in Glendale

Is It Safe to Use Ceramic Tiles Outside?

Ceramic tiles are popular flooring options. They are available in different colors, shapes, and patterns. Compared to other types of flooring, ceramic tiles are resistant to wear and tear. But are they safe for outdoor use? Find out more about it here or just visit our outdoor tile showroom in Glendale.  Outdoor Tile Showroom in…

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tile store in Glendale, CA

Can You Find Wood-Look Tiles in a Tile Store?

  Don’t blame yourself for obsessing about hardwood flooring. It is indeed a wonderful flooring option. But there is a smarter alternative to it. The hardwood floor is undeniably good-looking. However, it is high maintenance. If you don’t want it, then consider a wood-look tile. It is a tile that looks a lot like wood…

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kitchen and bath showroom San Fernando Valley

What are the Trending Tiles You Must Know in 2022?

Tile floors are stylish. They can provide life in your home. But what are the top tile trends this 2022? If you wish to know more, make sure to visit our kitchen and bath showroom in San Fernando Valley.  Kitchen and Bath Showroom in San Fernando Valley to Find Trending Tiles Terracotta  Terracotta tiles are…

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kitchen and bathroom showrooms in Glendale CA

When is the Right Time to Replace Your Floor Tiles?

Are your floor tiles starting to show signs of aging? Is this the sign that you are waiting for to replace your tiles and visit our kitchen and bathroom showrooms in Glendale CA to find replacements? Before you do so, here are some things to consider before replacing your floor tiles.  Floor Tiles in Kitchen…

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floor tile

What is the Best Type of Tile for Flooring?

When creating your dream house, one of the things you might want to know is the flooring material that’s best for your kitchen, bathroom, etc. Is porcelain floor tile the most ideal or should you stick with ceramic tiles? Each type has its own unique characteristics.  Ceramic vs Porcelain Floor Tile They look the same….

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