Tips for Designing Kitchen Cabinets That Can Add Style and Storage

kitchen cabinets

Whether you want a traditional look or something modern, you can achieve that with loads of inspiration online. Kitchen cabinets go beyond boring old cupboards. They can help in transforming your kitchen with decorative hues, finishes, and hardware. Here are some things to consider when designing your kitchen cabinet. 

How to Design Kitchen Cabinets with Style and Sufficient Storage? 

Measure the Space You Have in Your Kitchen

You may want sky-high cabinets that offer extra storage in your kitchen. Or that metal grate cabinet that allows you to store your essentials in a pretty way since you can peek inside. But before you choose the design or style, make sure that the cabinet will fit in the space. Thus, it’s vital to measure the space you have. This will help you determine how many cabinets you need and how much space you have for each one. 

Choose a Style 

After measuring the space, it’s now time for you to pick the right style. Cabinets can come in various styles — from traditional to modern. You can choose to have cabinets built into the island to give you more usable space. This type of cabinet keeps walls clear while elongating your high ceilings. You may also choose double-duty cabinets that allow you to hide your dishwasher. Adding a cabinet in front of your dishwasher will not break up the cabinetry line under the counter. Whatever style you want, you need to consider the overall design you want for your kitchen before you decide on a style. 

Consider Hardware 

Cabinets have handles and knobs. They are the jewelry of your kitchen as they can help in enhancing the overall look of your kitchen. Handles, for instance, can improve your grip. They make opening your cabinets a lot easier. The hardware complements your kitchen design. Thus, you want them to be chosen properly before adding the finishing touch. 

Choose Materials Wisely 

When it comes to materials, there are several options. Each choice has a different price, durability, density, and features. Choose a wood that looks right. It must have the right qualities for your kitchen. 

  • Ash. It has a clean, even appearance that adds a unique, modern look to your kitchen. 
  • Maple. It’s light and easy to stain. Because of its consistency, it makes it a great choice for a kitchen cabinet. 
  • Pine. It isn’t as durable as maple. However, it’s the kind of wood that you want if you wish to have an old-fashioned look. 
  • Birch. If you want an extremely durable cabinet, then birch is a perfect option. It looks smooth if you stain it properly. 
  • Oak. White oak is stronger than red oak. But the latter offers more versatility. 

kitchen cabinets

Use Professional Help 

If you’re not sure what kitchen cabinets you want for that space, consider hiring professional help. Interior designers, for instance, can help you design the perfect cabinet that is not only stylish but also practical as it offers the right storage solutions. If you want more ideas on how to design kitchen cabinets, make sure to visit Amirian Home in Glendale. 

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