Tips on How to Match Tiles for Home Décor by Glendale Tile Experts

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Decorating a living space with tiles is both an art and a matter of personal taste. Mixing patterns is a great way to accentuate and contrast the different surfaces of a room for better aesthetics. Matching, on the other hand, is excellent in bringing out the prominence of a particular surface powerfully. Glendale tile experts explain about tile options and the best ways to match them at the time of installation.

What works for floors and walls

Understanding what type of tiles is suitable for each surface is important. Tiles that will work well for the floor might not be right for the wall due to factors such as their weight and the adhesive strength needed to hold. Wall tiles are smaller, lighter, have fewer colors and textures compared to floor tiles, generally creating a likely problem for attractive matching. Reach out to a tile expert near you online for some help in matching correctly.

Choose large format tiles

Matching tiles in small spaces such as bathrooms can be tricky if not well thought out. The pattern you choose for the monochromatic display may either make the room feel smaller or give it an interesting and dramatic look. Search for a tile showroom near you to see demonstrations of various matching styles for inspiration. However, large format tiles have fewer grout lines and this creates the illusion of more space.
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Match the style but mix the scale

Glendale tile experts recommend a matching of style between the floor and walls but with a mix of sizes to create a better visual display. If you intend to match your wall and floor, consider multiple sizes in your tile selection for a new home to create an interesting monochromatic effect. The different scales but in similar style combine to reduce the monotony that using one size would have created between the two surfaces.

Consider textures and finishes

To break the annoying monotony likely to ruin your match design, consider using the same style in different finishes. A high gloss polish and a matte finish will create the desired contrast while retaining the preferred style. As you buy tiles for home installation, ask for advice from our experts on how to combine different finishes in the same style for unique aesthetics. Combining matte and gloss is especially great for busy patterns and similar size designs for walls and floors.

Match varying shapes

Glendale Tile experts suggest a play on tile shapes if you are matching one style for the wall and floor. This creates a unified style that is, at the same time, uniquely different and exciting in the presentation. Besides the traditional square and rectangular shapes, you can choose hexagons or honeycombs for a dramatic display covering your floor and running up the wall. Our experts are always available to help you make the right choice of tiles and installation design ideas. Please call us on (818) 862-3122 for further assistance.

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