Ways to Make Your Classy Home Even Classier

Classy Home

Have you been looking for ways to make your home classier? Does it feel like there are upgrades to be made but you aren’t 100% sure what those might be? The definition of “classy,” at least in the context of a home, is “stylish and sophisticated.” Anyone’s home can become that classier, that much more sophisticated, with the right tile and more. Here at Amirian Home, we can help you to make your home a more classy home.

The Power of Dark-Colored Tiles

Have you been looking for a way to make your room seem larger? Your secret weapon can be dark tiles. One way to do so: opt for irregular shapes and patterns to add depth. Diagonal tiles, for instance, work wonders in making narrow spaces appear wider. To balance the darkness, illuminate other elements of the room with lighter shades, making for better contrast.  You can see our tiles through our site or, to gain even greater clarity, we invite you to come to our showroom. 

The Elegance of Solidity

Plain-colored tiles, adorned with subtle accents, serve as excellent canvases for your home. Cream and natural tones, in particular, can work wonders, extending the visual boundaries of any room beyond what you might initially think possible. Many have found what they’re looking for by minimizing contrasting elements, opting for tiles with minimal accents, and ensuring a cohesive, well-mixed, curated feel.

Let There Be Light: Light-Colored Tiles

Light tiles, the darlings of designers, bring an airy ambiance and reflect light, creating an incredible ambiance. For a twist, consider a tone-on-tone color scheme using warm beige, soft blues, or pristine whites. Harmonizing the floor and wall tiles can create a seamless flow, amplifying the way people might perceive your home’s size. 

Big Scale Tiles for a Big Effect 

The trend of large-scale tiles, once confined to commercial spaces, has been seamlessly integrated into homes, offering so many more options. Larger tiles, (in this context defined as those with at least one edge exceeding 15 inches)  have become a favorite among homeowners seeking to amplify small spaces. 

Their expansive nature tricks the eye into perceiving the area as larger. Furthermore, these tiles are available in both square and rectangular shapes, allowing for versatile layout designs that accentuate the room’s proportions.

Grout: In Light and Dark 

It’s easy to overlook what grout can do. But, it can play a pivotal role in creating the illusion of spaciousness. When paired wisely, it can either enhance or diminish the impact of your tiles. For rooms adorned with dark tiles, opt for dark grout to allow the floor to blend seamlessly, erasing any noticeable boundaries. On the other hand, with light tiles, dark grout can create a vibrant, striking look. While this may detract a bit from the room’s expansiveness, it may fit your personal style. 

Classy Home

Find Your Classy Home at Amirian Home 

By carefully selecting tile patterns, colors, and sizes, and incorporating intelligent lighting, any room can be transformed into a sanctuary, elevating it in a variety of ways. So, whether you’re working with a cozy corner or a spacious mansion, we have tiles that can help. Check out our site or book an appointment for our showroom.

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