What are the Things You Can Do to Design Your Small Living Room?

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Having a small living room does not mean that you can’t design it to make it something unique. It does not always have to be an awkward space. You can add furniture or window treatment to curate a living room that you want to hang around. For home design stuff, you may visit Amirian Home to get room ideas for your tight space. 

Home Design for a Small Living Room

When it comes to styling your tight space, consider what you want. You may first want to declutter before you start to re-arrange and design your living room to make it more inviting. 

What Furniture to Use? 

One of the things you can do to design your small, tight space is to add some pieces of furniture. Since your space is limited, consider furniture with legs. For instance, when choosing a sofa, it should sit on a raised leg. It will bring a sense of space and light. It makes the smallest living room feel airy. This is a trick that applies to any tight space. When you can see more of the floor, the room will automatically appear bigger. 

Add Some Gallery Items

After choosing a sofa with legs, make sure to add gallery wall items above the sofa. Opt for frame photos, pressed floors, or prints. They all bring personality to the room. The visual entity will cause a distraction from the room that is small and tight. 

Choose Wide Flooring 

Walls and floors can affect how a space feels. Thus, choose flooring options that can expand the space. Visit Amirian Home to find the right flooring that can help in expanding your small living room. One option is to use wide tiles. In addition to tiles, you may also add a rug with a diamond pattern. It will help in creating the impression that the area is wide.

Opt for Neutral Tones 

They help a small room appear larger. Light-colored walls and furniture will keep the space feel bright and airy. For instance, you can install a wall-mounted shelving unit for your perfect space where you can add personal accessories. Simplicity is always the key when it comes to making a room feel or look larger. 

Use Oversized Artwork 

If you have a tight space, a large artwork could prevent the space from feeling busy. Choose a large abstract print with neutral tones or a color that complements your sofa. Keep the rest of the space minimalist. 

Hang Curtains

When you let the natural light in, it can make the space appear bigger. This is why you should consider adding a floaty window and some mirrors. Opt for light window treatments to make the area feel more spacious. 

Home Design

Need More Ideas? 

If you still can’t choose what home design tricks to implement in your small living room, come and visit our tile store in Glendale. Our showroom provides various ideas that will fit any type of house. Call us here: (818) 862-3122.

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