What Interior Design to Follow to Upgrade Your Kitchen?

interior design

Upgrading your kitchen can boost the value of your house. It’s a great investment if you wish to sell the house. With so many options to choose from on how to style your kitchen, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one that fits your personality. If you don’t know interior design, please visit our showrooms to give you some ideas. 

Interior Design to Upgrade Your Kitchen

When you visit Amirian Home’s showroom, you will find plenty of designs that you can choose for your own kitchen. One of them is having a kitchen island. If you don’t have it yet, then here are the benefits of having a kitchen island. 

  • Extra counter space. If you prepare your own meals at home, then having a kitchen island is a much-needed space to help you cook your meals. 
  • More storage. Having a kitchen island won’t only give you additional counter space but also extra storage. It’s especially true if the island has built-in shelves or cabinets. 
  • Additional seating options. Kitchen islands can also have bar seating. You can invite one of your family members to seat while you prepare something. 
  • Define the kitchen area. If your house has an open-concept layout, then having a kitchen island can perfectly define this area of your house for cooking. 
  • Entertain guests or family members. If you are fond of inviting a few of your family members or friends, they can gather on the island while you showcase your cooking skills. 

What Tiles to Use for the Kitchen Island? 

When it comes to designing your kitchen island, you will need the right tiles. What are the options that are perfect for this case? 

Ceramic Tile 

This is the most common option because of its low maintenance. Plus, it is available in versatile designs. Furthermore, this type of tile is resistant to scratch, stain, and flame. Because of these properties, you don’t need to worry about chopping vegetables or preparing your food on these tiles. Furthermore, you can also set the hot pots and pans here. 

Tile Ideas for Kitchen Island

The countertop is a beautiful place to install the tiles. With ceramic tiles’ durability, they can be a perfect material for this situation. You can choose to use a large-format tile panel for the entire counter. 

Tile Front 

Or you can just install the tiles on the front or back panels of the island. These panels are the prime real estate that can help you create a chic tile design. Plus, the tiles protect the surfaces from all the kicking feet. 


Another way to ensure that you have an attractive kitchen island is to have a mosaic tile for backslashes. Or choose to have it for your countertops. 

interior design

Want More Tile Ideas? 

If you are looking for more ideas for interior design, make sure to visit Amirian Home’s showrooms. Visit our Glendale showroom or call us first here at (818) 500-7130


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